Treasure Hunt, Min/Max Achievement, and Series progress

We know you’re frustrated with the inability to 100% complete the series Festival Playlists and unlock the “Min, Meet Max” Achievement before the series is over. Rest assured we are working on known issues as well as looking into a solution for the players who are experiencing trouble with them. We will continue to keep the community updated as soon as possible.

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In case you attempt a fix on this, I’d like to point out that “Treasure Hunter” achievement has also been rendered unobtainable due to the bugged challenge which was a Treasure Hunt.

Just want to point out that it was possible to get in Series 1, as both treasure hunts worked fine at that time. Hopefully whatever is being done can not only give us compensation, but also flag the treasure for the achievement progress for those that have yet to get it.

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So what if it was available in Season 1? Currently it is unobtainable due to their programming mistakes.

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Its delayed but still obtainable.

Why mark my ticket as “Solved” when it so apparently isn’t. Everyone should automatically have the Treasure Hunt flagged as completed now that YOU let the season lapse without fixing the issue.


This is described in the email users receive on their tickets - the Support team marks an issue “Solved” when they have identify it and moves it over to another team for debugging. Unfortunately debugging all the various issues in the Known Issues list may take longer than the seasonal time period.

The problem is that Support have misunderstood the issue and effectively ignoring new complaints about it won’t help anybody. In “Known Issues” it says:

“Festival Playlist - Series 2- Summer - Treasure Hunt: Blazing Thunder – players who have previously completed trailblazer with 3 stars are not able to unlock the treasure chest (Date Added:12.10.21)”

This is wrong. Many people, including myself, who had not completed all trailblazers to 3 stars or even the trailblazer in question to 3 stars also hit this bug. The only trailblazer I’d done to 3 stars at that stage was Malpais. I subsequently did Cascadas to 3 stars but that also failed.

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I’d like to second this, I tried on my alt account that hadn’t done a single trail blazer ever and still didn’t get the treasure hunt. The known issues list doesn’t cover this correctly

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If you trigger the voice cutscene for Treasure Hunt from Festival Playlist menu, the bug occurs.

Interesting. Can that be avoided somehow? I remember there was a voice, once, but that was that. Every time after that the game just highlighted the middle of the map.

You keep saying this even after multiple people have told you it’s not true. Please start reading replies and realize that you may not know how it works.

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What this guy said. I did NOT trigger the vouce cut scene and the hunt doesn’t work for me. That. Isn’t. It.

At least this happened in the first week. No way am I 100%ing the next 3 weeks unless this treasure bug is fixed or we have some guarantees that we can still complete the achievement. Just marking it as done for everyone would be the easiest way surely?

Continue to keep us updated? Seriously? “Continue”?? There has been absolute silence on all of this until the season is over and it’s too late. We’ve paid for premium to be beta-testers and ignored. Poor show form all involved, very poor!


Yeah, that would be fantastic mate if the whole Winter Holiday season hadn’t disappeared from the game entirrly breaking boyh this week’s photo challenge and the “Frosty Friends” smashable challenge this week.

You guys have even placed the same Snowman Outfit reward twice for both The Trial and “Frosty Friends” so I ain’t holfing my breath on a fix one iota.

Guess I’ll be blitzing through the ones that aren’t bugged, going back to Far Cry 6 and shelving it again incomplete. At least Ubisoft Montreal know what the definition of insanity is…

The text is the same, which does still point to a lack of polish, but the rewards are different. They’re two parts of the same outfit. The trail gives you the Snowman suit while the smashable challenge gives you the Snowman head/hat.

its the Body in one and (sad snowman) head in the other…

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FH5 was no where near ready for release to the public!! Complete Failure!!!

Having an official post mentioning the achievement is at least a good step.

Personally I had given up hope on it and didn’t do the daily quests of the last 3-4 days. Now with this post I will do them today before it’s too late and they expire.

Edit: Just spent the entire evening doing autumn events. This better not be for nothing, I will be severely disapointed if this is a false hope and I don’t unlock the achievement at the end of the month.