Treasure Hunt Broke Again

How useful.


The treasure chest showed up for me, but it had no hit box! My car would just go right through it. Luckily restarting the game fixed it.

After completing the first part of the challenge, the target circle showed up and I was able to trigger the treasure chest icon by using the drone. However, the chest itself didn’t show up. After ‘quitting’ Forza (Xbox Series X) and restarting Forza, the chest was visible, and I was able to collect the treasure.

Treasure Hunt appears to be using the 2017 Ford M-Sport Fiesta RS, enter a Horizon Arcade Air event, & get 5 bulls eyes in those colorful targets.

Worked for me. I used this Super 7 challenge

Yeah, it’s not the “how-to” though, it’s the "what then? "

I did 5 bullseyes in the Fiesta - it brought up the map. flashed a circle in the general area of the stadium which then disappeared.

Drove to the stadium, found the trucks… no chest.

Restarted the game - nope. Restarted the whole PC - still nada.

Tried doing the bullseyes again, tried 3 blueprints, and nothing - no pop-up, no marker on the map, and sadly no treasure chest.

Pfft. :man_facepalming:

The chest is on top of one of the trucks but it’s a bit tricky to actually smash it.
Take the main ramp and you’ll see it just on the right truck.
If you’re lucky you can get it just by swerving off the ramp onto it it otherwise you’re in a hell-hole of manouvering about the top of the trucks to get the right angle to jump at it.

The issue isn’t that we don’t know how to complete the Hunt, it’s that once the Bullseyes are smashed and we get the message about the location being on the map, the game is bugged and doesn’t actually load in the Treasure Chest where it should be.


What a joke.

Here we are , in a different year to the games release, having the same problem we had right back when it launched.

It’s not a bug anymore, it’s incompetence.

This shouldn’t be the norma with games. Test, test and test again.

Getting very close to just calling it a day on this game now and applying for a refund for the DLC before the expansions come out. There is enough evidence of problems to support the case.

Come on PG, stop treating your fanbase like this.


With you TerrorCuddles, 5 attempts at min,meet max and glitched every time but one where I lost track of the days. Want a refund on premium add ons too. I mean how is this not a big thing when nerfing wheelspins so anyone that hasn’t farmed already is hurt was so important, it’s just thick…

I did the criteria, got the press x pop up but no voice, it loaded map, no icon loaded, no chest. Xbox Series X, uk.

To everyone that has gone through this before, I didnt understand but I do now.

Sorry if I doubted you, and yes, it sucks when it happens to your own game.

Very disappointed right now… can’t even really explain, I get that its just a game but man, I really wanted that full series completion accolade and was killing it this series… till this one bloody hunt kills it all… that feels miserable…

cant lie… makes me want to retire my account too


Use this Blueprint by Stevio: >>>>> 916 351 091 <<<<<

works perfectly fine !

Nah, its bugged for alot of us.

I’ve tried 20 different blueprints, its the hunt thats messed…for some… not all

I appreciate it works for you, and some others but not all - just like previous weeks.

Works for some, not for others… no blueprint can fix a broken/bugged challenge


A friend that used mine said they needed to drive slowly through it as it didn’t pop 1st time but did 2nd at a slower pace, maybe try that?

Same for me, same problem, I destroyed the 5 targets and I got the message of unlocking the chest, the map opened but I don’t have the search area or the location of the treasure, I I tried several methods and tests to solve the problem but nothing works, we can always dream to have a patch from the developers or just a communication, like the other treasure that also didn’t work a few weeks ago, maybe paint our balls with OPI polish while singing the macarena to hope have a semblance of compassion or respect towards their community.


LMAO… that had me howling…

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It’s the main thing if I brought you a little fun after yet another frustration related to the game, for my part I’m really frustrated by the turn the game is taking, no more competitive aspect or challenge, “casualization”, every game modes that have bugs, the eliminator with the freeze at each duel, the arenas that suck compared to 4, the online that takes 5 minutes to start without being able to choose types of races, the seasons that are more and more easier with more and more ridiculous rewards like for the world cup, and bugs like this but which are just details compared to the rest, the only thing left is to complete the seasons but each time there is a bug that makes everything messed up, at some point PG should listen to the players who are their business, on the other hand, commercial partnerships are working well, GT7 is our saviour.

Look for BP that are trending today - there’s one for the Treasure Hunt - I used the Ford Racing Puma and worked

Hope this helps


No treasure chest for me either. Very frustrating…

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I just entered an AIR Arcade event with the Fiesta shown in the Playlist for the TH challenge, jumped through 5+ targets and the chest showed after the event was over. Those that aren’t getting it, are you using a Rally Monster to do the event?