Treasure Hunt Broke Again

got the animation but no treasure go figure … another season gold up the swanny


No treasure chest for me either. Solution here but no chest: Forza Horizon 5: On Target Treasure Hunt, Series 4 Winter

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Thank god it is not just me, I literally just chucked my controller at the wall.

Absolutely infuriating to go through the challenge, get the pop up and then no reward appears.

Every video I see, everyone is getting it - so I guess this is my turn to get uncompleted season…

Bullcrap festival playlist, absolute rubbish


Can’t believe we’re at the point where a treasure hunt being broken isn’t surprising.


The devs are like:
“hey, that thing that usually doesn’t work, should we put it in the weekly again?”
“lmao, sure”

Edit: let me guess how they’ll fix it:
‘We’re aware of the issue’
/mark as solved
/never fix it


Same problem.

I’ve just tested creating an event with 5 bulleyes and it worked first time, treasure clue unlocked and the chest was there. I used a 2017 Ford M-Sport Fiesta RS. If you want to try my event it’s- 104739949.

Worked thx… with the Fiesta

Sounds like they need to hire you!


They need to hire someone who knows what they’re doing.


I don’t click on Treasure Hunt tile in Festival Playlist. I just read the clue and complete it. So as expected mine completed just fine.

I am wondering about those people whose Treasure Chest is bugged, did you click on the tile in Festival Playlist?

To be fair I copied the idea from the link above!

FWIW I didn’t, I just read the clue.

I did click on the tile, but it just went to map with no icons showing.

I exited back, opened a BP of bullseyes, cant recall which one…

I did the challenge, and when I was spawned back to the world, the pop-up showed on screen,

I then looked at map, saw circle, and where to go, drove there and saw nothing obvious.

Eventually I looked on youtube to confirm I was in correct spot,

Sadly, at no point was the chest visible on the truck…or anywhere in the area.

Also, never showed on map.

I dunno where I went wrong.,

Edit: Also to clarify, I used 2 different cars, msport ford and rahal letterman car… both rally monsters and 2 I’ve seen people use and successfully complete.

Maybe go to drone mode to get it to appear on the map?


I might be wrong, but I thought that if you went into drone mode and found it, its icon would appear on the map, like with the barn finds. I haven’t tested this, though.

I haven’t done it yet but that happened before with a treasure hunt and restarting the game made it appear.

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In a previous (the first for me) buggy treasure hunt I had clicked on the event tile in the menu first. And I wondered if that was the issue, so like you the next treasure hunt that rolled around I didn’t clikc on it, did the required, and it was still bugged. So I don’t think that’s it. At least not for everyone. Good thought though, and might help some.

How to do the treasure hunt TREASURE HUNT ON TARGET Forza Horizon 5 Treasure Chest LOCATION Treasure Hunt On Target FH5 - YouTube

Worked fine for me. XBOne.