Transmission Volume Slider

Forza Horizon 5 is a staple in my racing game in lineup. I’ve played almost every copy, yet I own all copies currently released. Horizon 5 has been a major breakthrough. I always come back to it every week for the challenges, yet there is one drawback that gets me. The engine audio is great, I can’t ask for more cleaner audio. However, with the new audio improvements came the introduction of transmission audio. I appreciate the level of audible detail but the transmission whine that emanates from the car is rather loud and tends to drown out the engine noise for our cars. I was hoping there would be a transmission volume slider in the audio settings, but I couldn’t find anything.

Since there is a tire volume option available could we have a transmission audio option as well?

Can we have an option to turn down or even off the transmission whine? It’s soo annoying when trying to enjoy the nice car sounds. Like I’ve 10 speed swapped a Camaro and the transmission whine is almost louder than the engine itself. Even on stock cars you can still hear a “sssssssssssssssssssss” noise from the transmission. Please give us an option to turn it off.


Agree with you, that’s weird to have this sound on many stock cars (not all). Would be better to have it only when you upgrade your gearbox or transmission

Haven’t heard it. I’ve heard a supercharger whine on some cars.

He has it upgraded to a 10 speed racing transmission… but there is a common discussion about noise levels mixing, some complain about turbos being too quiet both on intake and blow-off.

I agree. FH4 doesn’t and i enjoy it more. The motor sounds are also more accurate in FH4.

In FH5 They added that continuous raspy/air flow to almost every car. You can actually notice the engine/exhaust sound layers when you upgrade the intake/exhaust and swap between them quickly.

I just purchased FH4 and it’s much more enjoyable from that perspective.

The tranny & muffler noise engineer is way too excited imo.

No, most real life racing cars have straight cut gears and gear whine, and it sounds awesome :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Please please please include an audio slider for this!

I legitimately enjoy the straight cut gear whine of a six speed racing transmission in FH5 but it is still LOUD.

The sport transmission I almost never use because the whine becomes higher frequency. Even if the sound itself is at a lesser volume it really does feel like a dentist drill right in the ears. Some cars I simply cannot drive at all because of the piercing shriek of a gearbox. Instead of zero to sixty I’m calculating zero to migraine.

As far as whines go I want to hear my superchargers, not my transmissions!

I can barely hear any gear whine on Xbox one X, maybe its louder on pc or xbox series consoles, but on xbox one, its almost silent now sadly…
it used to be much much louder, but sadly it was patched a while ago, since it`s almost silent now.
It should be alot louder, since real life straight cut racing gearboxes are very loud, go look up any real life onboard racing car video, and you will hear it loud and clear :wink: :slight_smile:

Bumping this topic. Took the MG3 out for a spin today and the racing transmission was overbearingly loud, I could barely hear the engine and exhaust over the inescapable whine of the gearbox.

I still can’t use the “Sport” transmission because the whine is somehow even more grating on the ears.

PC Win 10, regretting that I’m a headphone user. Please add a volume slider for the transmission!! But don’t link it to the shifting sounds which are already far too quiet on most cars. I’d turn UP those sounds if I could.