TrainedRope's Forza 7 Gallery [GODZILLA Attacks] [Updated 10/27/2018]

Another nice set you have here!

While I like the idea you were going for in this shot. I feel the shot would of turned out better if the edge of the right headlight wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

hey guys thank you very much! Stay tuned for a new set coming soon!!

KTVDS - I also thought that blurry shot turned out really well. I was trying to emulate what a real photographer might have captured while watching a live race. When cars are passing by very quickly not every shot turns out. I’m glad you liked it!

Pebb - Honestly I didn’t notice the headlight until now lol, I really just wanted to approach the car with a shot that I don’t normally go for. But as always I really do appreciate your criticism.

Hey NV, Thank you so much. My dad used to have a 1973 914 in green just like this one when i was younger and it was so much fun to drive. That car will always have a special place in my heart.

Here’s something new

Amazing Mazda

While i like all 3 Madzda pictures, i think the 3rd is the best, good stuff

There is only one winner in my mind. And that shot is number 3.


Hey Pebb and NV! Thank you guys so much! I like all 3 shots but I’m not sure which is my favorite. Also, sorry for the extremely late response.