Traffic & Randoms gallery~ Open for all!~

This was gonna be a thread for traffic, and still is but please post anything you like(as long as it’s clean) and have fun.

I’ve been taking photos in FH2 for a few months now and have my own gallery,(feel free to visit:))so sometimes I’ve seen a traffic car and taken a pic.
So my idea (I don’t have many) is to have a gallery just for these important and sometimes annoying part of Horizons world.
I thought it would be great if others could post any interesting shots they have and we’ll see where this goes.
Anyway, here’s a couple to get the ball(hopefully) rolling…



Great idea Sergi kind of a challenge aswell it’s not easy to take good pictures of traffic cars being low res and all
Great start with the bora! I’ll be back with whatever I can cook up


First quick go

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Welcome aboard Hooker, nice shot.
I’m now following traffic cars for the right light etc…Lol







Feedback and your own photos very welcome

Traffic 1
by BrickBre4ker, on Flickr

I don’t have any saved photos of traffic cars - I took pictures of them solely for the Horizon Promo challenge. However, are we counting Drivatar vehicles as traffic cars? If we are I have tons to post. Some of my favorite shots came from Drivatar vehicles I passed. If they count then I’ll post them.


Sorry Ace but no drivatars (crashatars) allowed, you’ll have to get busy with your camera mate.

Allow me to make a case for the Drivatars. As much as I agree with your crashatars statement, they appear in many different vehicles. Some of them are vehicles that you don’t have (i.e. DLC, retail pre-order bonuses, etc.) There are a limited number of traffic cars available and they typically aren’t anything special when compared to the vehicles you the player drive. Because of the random nature of Drivatars and NPC, I believe that they are one and the same, as neither is controlled by the player. Besides, I think that because Drivatars drive similar vehicles to you, they allow for greater possiblities.

Just a suggestion. Let me know what you think.


I think what his aim is is to photograph only traffic cars as they are less detailed, something a bit different and not something most people would bother with but when done well can be quite cool. Whereas drivatars are just NPC cars that you can buy and drive in the game.

Dear Ace,
You give great points for the inclusion of drivatars. However I think Jxsey summed up the idea of this thread perfectly.
How about a compromise? Post some normal traffic pics and add a few drivatars too if you wish.
I think they should be clearly named as such though.
I’m not God (he’s got his own gallery) so it’s really up to the poster.
Be nice to have you here

lol! :wink:

Just discovered this thread. I’ll probably contribute from time to time. Since NPCs (non-playable cars) aren’t my primary focus, it’ll most likely be only 1 to 2 shots at a time.

I seem to be only taking front or backend shots for some reason, anyway…

Subaru Legacy

Quite like this one,

Anyone got better?

personally I think the yaris shot is the best so far…

Unfortunately, I don’t have any saved photos of traffic cars, so this post is all Drivatar vehicles. I still see them as traffic vehicles because currently Drivatars’ cars are just a random algorithm, meaning that there is no reflection of what the player’s vehicle preferences are by their Drivatar’s car. The majority of these photos can be found in my gallery (link in my sig), so these photo’s aren’t that new. Let me know what you think.

CHEVROLET - 1957 Bel Air (2) by vAcesWild

CHEVROLET - 1957 Bel Air (3) by vAcesWild

CHEVROLET - 2014 Corvette Stingray (1) by vAcesWild

CHEVROLET - 2014 Corvette Stingray (3) by vAcesWild

FERRARI - 2002 Enzo Ferrari (1) by vAcesWild

LAMBORGHINI - 2011 Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera (1) by vAcesWild

JAGUAR - 2015 F-Type R Coupé (1) by vAcesWild

RENAULT - 1980 5 Turbo (1) by vAcesWild

RUF - 1995 CTR2 (1) by vAcesWild

I know these photos aren’t really what this thread was intended for, but this is the best I could do.


Nice one Hooker,I like the light dancing across the Alfa.

Ace, You know I love the bell air and Stingray shots already.

The Renault 5 B&w is wicked too.

Thanks for posting my friend.

A few more I found on my travels,

Here’s a couple of mine. Not the best as I was mostly focusing on other cars / scenery.
I’ll defs get some better ones up sometime.
Great thread!

Nice work AG & HeyDayjordan (gonna have to shorten your name somehow), looks like this thread might have a future after all!

I’m gonna take a leaf out of Ace’s book and post this. It’s a drivatar car…

GetPhoto (3) by stefanbutlere344, on Flickr

Wicked shot SCARKID
Could be 2 Royal mail vans racing back to the depot!