Trade - Honda Civic 18 / Maserati 12 Forza Edition

Hi, there is someone who exchange a honda civic 18 for a maserati 12 forza edition? Whoever who wants to exchange, I thank.

There is a Seller’s Marketplace that might get you some results.

You can either follow the link or click on Forza Horizon 4, then near the bottom is Seller’s Marketplace

Good luck

Doesn´t work - you can´t “exchange” cars. If you want a Civic 18 get a backstage pass and choose it.

I can’t, I took the 599xxe

Then next season.

As far as I understood - and as you can see - the pool of cars to choose from is still growing.
I guess there is plenty of time until one of the cars might be removed.

By the way this is the third “currency” to obtain cars: credits, Forzathon points and now backstage passes.

I took one from the backstage pass and it is an extra. I can post it in the auction house today with a good price on it but I can’t guarantee you will get it.

Hi, I cannot redeem because I am away from home and will only be available in 2 weeks.