Track Toys & S Class Endurance

I have to say regardless of points of view in terms of light weight, speed differences, horse power etc, Go Karts, indy cars, Forumla 1 what ever they are.

They should not be allowed to go up against super / hyper cars or souped up evo’s etc, how can you even put the two in the same catagory, you wouldnt see that happen on a real race course unless it was a fun day fundraiser or something.
People imo should learn to race cars and if they want indy and the likes there should be some sort of DLC release or update, so they can take track toys in a lobby of the likes, because im peeved right off with them whining because they have the superior acceleration in some cases.
There fore feel its ok to over take on the stupidest of spots and then blame you because they took a hit, well if you didnt try over taking on a corner on the inside spot or waiting till the last minute of a straight where the straight away ends, you would not be forced to cut in and take a hit because im not expecting some random to be using filthy tactics to get an advantage in a rediculously stupid car that shouldnt even be on the track with the likes.

RANT over


Just a note to say that while you could express the fact tuned & upgraded nissan silvias shouldnt compare with hyper super cars, i want to state that one weight wise they are probably very close speeds and handling etc may very on each car…

But least you actually have a car that much i can deal with go karts on the other hand, just amazed as i should imagine by the style and design they would be a lot quicker off the mark, lighter, i have no clue, i would expect it to be, and of it or there handling no clue also, never used one and never intend too not in such races.

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I don’t know about you, but this got a lap record of 52:649 around Tsukuba. This S15 would far outdo what any supercar could do around the track.

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Not to be an arse hat but that cars been souped to the balls upgrades far beyond that of a standard so that it handles and is no surprise it can keep up and handle the track, but as previously said its not a track toy it in my eyes is still a CAR not a go kart.


Also to note i was trying to say that if someone was to suggest there should be a class for each tier car set much like the A, S clas etc but for say sports cars super cars hyper etc.

That if you choose to race with a VW polo fine i dont care its a car, a crap one imo but its a car as long as it qualifies for the respected class, or if you use a veveno s class straight off the bat its kool.

But regardless of it being souped to S class or which ever way around these rodent karts work, they are imo another league of motor, and they shouldnt be on the track with the aboved mentioned types of car.

To a degree i think its a completely unfair advantage and if your going to do such races no matter what other circumnstances surround the issue, they shouldnt be matched with actual cars.

While this may just be my opinion only its clearly a cheap shot move, because as we all know if the lotus was still the leader board car that would most likely be the most used car in mp race.

Now all i see even in rivals USF or what ever its called, with top times the other is ferarri not sure on the model.

they know its quick makes easy work of corners in comparison to that of some of the heavier cars and they take of like rockets how does that sound liek fair competition ?

They are really not that overpowered in the S class, sure they can corner and brake better but they are sooo slow in the straights it’s not even funny. These hyper cars are so fast in the straights “they take off like rockets how does that sound like a fair competition?” It’s no where close to the 70’s F1 cars dominance in the R class hoppers(now in own lobby)

You should also find it hard to run LB time while racing MP races in them as everyone in front of you takes the corners way slower than you and when you do sneak past they get you back on the straight.

Also maybe you should pay more attention to the other cars on the track as you should never be “suprised” by another car on the track. It’s OK to pass on the inside as long as you take the inside before the corner starts.

Furthermore if you are getting passed at the end of straights by a Formula ford or mazda then you need a better tune for said hyper car.

Also they are not go karts they are cars: a road vehicle, typically with four wheels, powered by an internal combustion engine and able to carry a small number of people.

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Surprise or no surprise over taking on a corner on the inside when your already turning into the said corner is not the correct thing to do, for which i was trying to explain if your going to do that and try to shoot past expect a hit as for me being in a lambo veneno there is absolutely nothing wrong with my tune.
But it has everything to do with the people such as yourself and the attitude towards what real racing is, and what we should typicaly expect, while i THANKYOU very much for your informative side of the formula ford etc…

Tell me why if its such a crap car do you or the likes continue to use it in said class ? surely its no fun if its that bad its not even at competition standard… (which might i add from what i see is far from true.
More over i am aware that it has four wheels but do you see jenson button rockin a F1 car while racing in a group of touring cars ?

Simple answer NO you dont unless as said its a fun day fund raiser, and well quite simpley game or not its apparently sim racing (not very simulated if you ask me ? replicating real world fair do’s but formula fords etc are go karts / track toys it even titles them in forza as such so no they are not not cars yes they are a vehicle but there not exactly road cars are they?

Also how can you sit there and type such a lame excuse if your getting to the end of a straight away knowing the car in front is getting ready to slow and take the corner and most likely follow the race line how does cutting up a driver qualify as my fault ?
More over what gives the said go kart driver teh right to hurl abuse when it was his rediculous driving that caused teh problem ?

It seems as if you are assuming some things about what I have said and you know what they say(ASSUME). I said if, if they take the inside from you before the start of the corner then they have the inside, no where did I say it’s OK to cut inside on someone and make contact, nor did I say it was OK to “hurl” abuse at anyone while gaming.

My point was there are a few shorter tracks where these cars do dominate the S class LBs but there are far more tracks that are not dominated by them. It’s very balanced IMO super in corners slow in the straights.

Simply put if they have to many hoppers it will be harder to populate the rooms so it’s prob not going to happen, have a nice day.

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Fair enough on your IF’s either way dominated or dominating as i put before its a DIFFERENT league of MOTOR, and it shouldnt be in with the likes of a veneno etc.

While that is just my opinion (that was just one of the many points) now with you having said that it would make perfect sence as to why so many in go karts do cut people up on the corners.

They cant always keep up on the straights dependant on car and tune plus upgrades, so they try to pull a shifty dirty move on a corner shoot past then perminently block your over take ( i have even been side swiped by them) and wierdly enough been taken out while they keep going pretty sure though, they dont match or weigh heavier than a veneno surely not.

Anyways good day…

If you want races that are separated by the different variations of styles of cars, you’re going to have to join a league. If you’re in the S-Class hoppers, there are no restrictions ascertaining to what you can drive beyond the class P.I. limit.

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Isn’t one of the points of Forza always been that you can take a “normal” car and then upgrade it to compete against exotic hyper cars? Yes there will be differences in cornering speeds, acceleration etc but if you’re a good racer you can handle these differences.

I do get where the op is coming from but personally i don’t think it’s an issue.