Track development

Apologies if this has already been discussed/answered. I’ve had a look, but cant find it.

Are the real life tracks laser scanned? If not, how do the tracks recreate the bumps and cambers to produce the force feedback on the wheels?

I only ask, because some of the tracks I’ve raced on other games feel pretty good on the curbs etc, but when you hit the straights there’s literally zero feedback at all.

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During the run up to FM5, Dan and company had said many times that all the real world locations had been laser scanned and it’s probably safe to assume that laser scanning is likely going to be the basis for any new circuits added in the future.

How much of that laser scanned data is then used to build the virtual representation of the tracks is probably somewhat variable and measured against playability.

Laguna Seca and Road Atlanta were not laser scanned for FM5. Why would you waste money on scanning a circuit and then make the same outdated layout that appeared in previous editions of Forza?

Take a look at these links:"turn+10"+laser+scan+track

Any track can be laser scanned but HOW that data is actually translated into “accurate” 3D model of the track is unknown. All the bumps can be scanned (which makes 100% laser scanned track claim true) but I am highly skeptical the scan data is 100.00% ported into the 3D track model.

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A lot of info regarding FM5, but not much on FM6. I’d like to think with all the technology available these days, and the high benchmark of recent titles we wont be left disappointed.
As an example, I recently played the Nordschleife on Assetto Corsa, now that feels a very good realistic track. Fingers crossed, and Turn 10 know their stuff, so can’t wait!

Concerning bumps an osalitions in the track sufface and the lack of feeling those while driving in forza, I think its more down to lacking suspension physics. A good example is fully stiffen any car in
forza and see if the car shudders an vibrates an bumps around, I’ve tried it, its makes no Real difference, IRL even a small increase in very noticable, Same as even an inch lower ride height can make a big difference in response, In forza it just feels numb, You can’t even feel the frequency of weight transfer change which is a basic one, Response! Its always been a sore point for me.