Tp3a pro pedal experiences

Who is using these pedals? Whats your experience with them?I have the thrustmater tx with stock pedals and happy with them but if my braking can be improved with these I may try them out…Ive read favorable reviews on amazon but looking for reviews from forza 6 users in particular.

As far as I know, the T3PA-Pro pedal set is the same set of pedals that are boxed with the T500RS wheel. So there is a lot of information out there about them. As for how they work with FM5/FH2/FM6, people who owned a T500RS wheel have been using them with Forza games since the TX wheel released. Not heard any horror stories that I can think off from the top of my head.

Just mod ythe stock pedals with a rubber stop.

Costs only £4

Buy them you will not be disappointed :disappointed: mate … Very well made … You can have them gt or f1 style and with the conical brake mod you will find your lap times will improve … Excellent with forza 5 6 and project cars…

I use the T3PA set…

I know purists will say that the set lacks in realistic feel… Which I can say is true…

However, I find they work quite well.

I drive with smooth throttle and brake transitions and these pedals (while quite soft) do not produce any ill behaviors… Mine have hundreds of hours on them. Worst thing, is that they occasionally squeak (Especially the clutch - Which I tend to press and release quicker than the others…

I tried the rubber stop brake mod that comes with the set for a while… What I found is that it ultimately is just limiting my travel overall which reduces the response sensitivity range of the brake… The game calibrates the min and max pedal deflection from each pedal as being full travel (After first few pedal depression after game start)… So having the brake mod installed (limiting physical travel) meant that my calibrated full travel distance was just shorter… making it more difficult to be “smooth on brake”

Otherwise I have no complaints

Wouldn’t say it limits travel as such, the rubber stop just increases the resistance making for a much smoother braking.

To OP, I’m very happy with my set, I have nothing bad to say against the T3PA pedals

Agree with you Skreamies…all the mods do is increase resistance…I have never had any calibration issues. If you fully depress the pedals post wheel calibration you will not have any problems.
I have the conical mod installed, and I love it. I have the mod set to a distance which makes the resistance start to ramp up at around 40% of the pedals throw distance. I find this set up gives me enough resistance to modulate break force, and apply threshold braking effectively without excessive wheel locking. Of course this is also contingent on how you have the brakes tuned (pressure, bias etc.).
All in all, I think the T3PA Pro’s are awesome. They work perfectly and are very well constructed (diamond plate foot rest, metal parts etc.).
My ONLY complaint (and a very minor one at that), is that I wish the pedal set came with a mod to increase the accelerator resistance…as IMO it is a little to light to modulate the accel input as precisely as one would like. I reached out to TM Customer Support, to see if this is something they plan to release in the future.
Now all that said, if they (Turn 10) can get the wheel dynamics/calibration issues sorted out - than we would be all set.

I have the pro set pedals, I cant say I have done any direct comparison tests, but they do come with a spring mod and a rubber conical mod. I have never used either mod, I would guess you could really tune the brake pedal, but I basically got the pro set to use a foot clutch with the th8a shifter. I have slowly added to my rig, every thing I bought extra was a noticeable improvement over what was. However if your not planning on getting the shifter, I don’t think its worth the money, there is just not 150.00 worth of braking power alone. get the whole shebang and be done with it. you wont regret it next year.

Well I just received my Racing Wheel Leather Edition with the TP3A Pro pedals and I love it. Got a Thrustmaster 458 Spider before, you can’t compare them. But I also think the accelerator resistance could be a little bit harder. Now I’m saving for the TH8A shifter:)

I just placed the order… Not getting the shifter yet.I have to bring things in my house one at a time or my wife notices.Haha!


I bought my whole rig in one fell swoop…Pagnian GT Ultimate seat, TH8A shifter, 28GT Rim, TX Base, T3PA Pro pedals…$1800.00 later.

Suffice to say my wife noticed.
Kidding of course…I had to consult with her before pulling the trigger…had I bought that without ‘approval’, I would be too busy choking on my nuts to worry about racing!

I will say this about the TH8A - IT IS AWESOME.
I downloaded the software for it, and adjusted the gates so even though the throws are the same distance, the car changes gears more quickly.
This arrangement, with a racing clutch and gear box makes shifting very swift indeed!
That said, it is also equally challenging…trying to maneuver in traffic, gear changes in mid-corner with one hand on the wheel etc.
With the FFB set high I feel like I have had a work out by the time all is said and done.
If you are going with the Pro pedals, the TH8A is an obvious add-on to complete the array!