Toyota Yaris 2020-current (Gen4)

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2021 GR Yaris

It can also handle the racetrack as well. Considering it’s good for Motorsport and Horizon. It got 1.5K votes already XD


Evolved GR Yaris


GR Yaris gets a new facelift recently. It has totally changed.

It gets a newly designed Exterior and Interior, a 300HP upgrade from its 1.6 Turbo I3 engine, and a new 8-speed Automatic that gets a faster acceleration time compared to the standard 6-MT. However, the Manual transmission had some improvements as well.

Maybe I would exempt the facelift from having a manual transmission, particularly because the Automatic shifts faster thanks to the high-performance Torque converter in the A/T, Just like Golf R’s DSG. It’s going to be a new competition.


Body kit + engine swap = :trophy:

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Toyota made special editions of the GR Yaris to celebrate it’s rally success. The drivetrain remains unchanged (manual only for these models), but the do come with special parts (the Rovanperä Edition even has an adjustable wing!) and driving modes (including Donut Mode!).

Toyota GR Yaris Ogier Edition:

Toyota GR Yaris Rovanperä Edition: