Toyota Yaris 2013-2019 (Gen3)

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Toyota Yaris 2017-2019 (3rd generation)

This topic covers the facelifted models of the third generation Yaris, along with the GR Yaris from 2017. For the 2022 GRMN Yaris, vote on the 4th gen topic.


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2018 Toyota Yaris GRMN


2014-2015 Yaris 5-door Hatchback:

2014 Yaris L 5-door Hatchback:

2016-2018 Yaris Sedan:

2018-2019 Yaris LE 5-door Hatchback:

2017-2019 Yaris E 5-door Hatchback:

2019 Yaris ATIV 1.2 S+ Sedan:

Yaris WRC:

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2018 Toyota Vitz GRMN

Thank you so much for mentioning this !! This GRMN and GR Yaris would be so perfect. We need more small high performance zippy hatches like these

Toyota Vitz GRMN 2018