Toyota Top Secret 0-300 Supra 1998-1998

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I’d love this to return but this time with a paintable bonnet/hood.

I would also like to see this with the TRD spoiler in the options

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There was 2 renditions of this
The white we know

And the gold

If they add this they should have this GT300 kit in the wide body option


if it gets added will it go 300mph

Not Stock, the 0-300 in the name is in KPH.

Maybe upgraded but you’d probably have to engine swap it as iirc the 3S-GTE it uses can’t go 300mph ingame.

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oh well 222mph stock because that is what I just look up for the top speed of the supra

This is definitely a special car and would be sweet to have in the game! They used a Toyota Century’s V12 for it.

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There’s actually a few versions of it.

The one originally featured in Forza used a modified RB26 I believe.

Edit: Here’s some ingame videos of it - FM2 and FM4

Another used a modified 3S-GTE and then there was the V12 version which had the completely new front end.

Oh that’s rad, I didn’t know that! Anything but a 2JZ-GTE lol.

Yea I believe the reason is that the 2JZ has enough low-down torque and power but can’t pull as hard as the others at higher speeds.

So out it went.

Here’s the V12 Version to complete the Trifecta

1GZ-FE 5,0-litre V12 out of the Toyota Century connected to the Rear Wheels and with a Super G-Force Bodykit.

It was sold in Tokyo in 2018 but unfortunately the Listing has since been taken down and I can’t find any records of the sale.




That’s the one!!! Yeah I remember he selling it, and I was sad about that. :disappointed_relieved: I actually didn’t know there was another version. That’s what we need in FH5!