Toyota MR2 (W30) 1999-2007

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I’d definitely want to see this car back in a new Forza game, since this was last seen in Motorsport 4, along with all of its body kits.


This generation of MR2 a really important car to include for a few reasons.

  1. it’s one of the world’s largest car manufacturer’s response to the ever popular Mazda Miata/MX-5.
  2. There’s an entire racing series devoted to these in the UK - they make for incredibly durable and fun race cars.
  3. In popular culture, these cars played a large role in the original Fast and Furious movie.
  4. Among grassroots racers, these are gaining popularity because of their light weight (approximately 2200 pounds!) and excellent driving dynamics. This has driven a fairly substantial market for aftermarket modifications and support, that today, exceeds the market while Toyota was still producing the car. Now, nearly every autocross in the USA will feature battles between MR2 Spyders and Miatas. Evidence of its relatively newfound popularity can be seen on the chart topping Gears and Gasoline YouTube channel, wherein, a host swaps engines in his MR2 Spyder to exhibit a cheap, fun, and relatively fast way to get into racing (here: Aftermarket engine support ranges from Toyota’s 2GR v6 motor, the 2AR I4, the Yamaha developed 2ZZ high revving I4, and of course Hondas K series motors.
  5. The driving dynamics of the lightweight mid engined layout make piloting this car an absolute treat. Look no further than the YouTube channel Everyday Driver’s cheap sports car comparison to be convinced (here: Against stout competition, the MR2 Spyder is praised by both hosts as having handing and dynamics on par with Porsche!

In sum, Toyota doesn’t make exciting cars too often, and when it does, they should be taken note of. I went so far as to buy one myself because of all this listed here, and it has absolutely not disappointed. Please serve the car community well by exhibiting relatively affordable and accessible sports cars in one of the most popular racing games.


Man we havent seen this car in a Forza game in so long. Im especially biased because I own one in real life and I would love to have my car back in the game it belongs in



also got one of these bad boys.


also, i’d like to add, handling wise it’s closer to a lotus elise. also with the 1zz-ge, it was actually close enough to the series 2 elise with the rover k-series engine before they put in the yamaha 2zz-ge engine.

also obligatory MR-S photo.


Do you have a Mazda 2 as well?! Dang!! Please tell me you have some YouTube content on those!

I would like to ask for the option to have the factory hardtop


Absolutely agree

sir, that’ll be $4,200 US dollars in the USA or £600 in the UK.

Which is about 4,200,548 in forza cr :melting_face:

I still haven’t bought the new Forza Motorsport. This is mainly because of the lack of tracks I would enjoy driving, such as Fujimi Kaido or Tsukuba (at least Nürburgring is on the way), however right after that would come the lack of the the MR-S. Was so disappointed when I saw they didn’t include it. Hopefully this thread gets some attention from the devs.

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Biased as I own one, personally. Would love to see it brought back into the Forza lineup to join the 1st and 2nd gen iterations.

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It is a great track car irl.

Underpowered in stock 1zz but superbly balanced. It’s a dream on UK back roads. Face-lift 6 speed manual is pretty redundant as really 6th is just for motorway convenience. 5 speed better ratios.

I own a face-lift (since 2011).

Upgrading is more limited than the huge mx5 market options but there are some really interesting ones that make it a beast in RL, and would be fabulous in FM.

1.8T audi swap. Hugely tunable. 550 bhp + possible apparently.
1.8 v5 volvo swap. Similar i think.
Toyota options are the rare but factory optional TTE turbo and the celica 2zz swap.

But this. This makes me smile.

Bring the MR2 MK3 back.

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