Toyota GR Yaris (race spec) 2022-current

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Toyota GR Yaris Rally1

This topic is for racing spec versions of the Yaris such as the Rally1.

2022 GR Yaris WRC Rally 1 Hybrid

2023 GR Yaris WRC Rally 1 Hybrid

Videos of the Cars in action




There is Yaris racing cars besides the Rally one
Specially in the Japan´s Super Taikyu

The most famous is the ORC ROOKIE H2, A Modified mix of GR Yaris and GR Corolla that has a motor that uses Hydrogen but as regulkar engine instead of eletric motor, it is used to study the use of Hydrogen in actual motors so sport cars can stay as it is now for years to come

Another car is KTMS GR YARIS, this one a regular racing yaris


While not a GR Yaris but still a Racing Yaris, worth of mention here is the AutoLabo Racing Yaris

Regular Yaris are also used on the Japanese Single Model Yaris Cup

In world Time Trial we have the LamRacing GR Yaris


There’s also the rally 2 car

GR Yaris Cup existed for a small amount of time

And not really race but more drift based, Cusco 2J swapped one for fun


it needs to be the rally spec one

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This isnt just for FH, it is for Motorsport too

You don’t need to go on a full-on crusade against anyone that wants stuff for Horizon

motorsport doesnt have much rally cars and even on tarmac they can still be fun

I am on a crusade not for that, i am on a crusade for those that think that Horizon is the only Forza or that this voting is just for Horizon sugestions

I do agree with it, i wish they add rally cross tracks too

“I wish they add rally cross tracks too”
See I’m not the only player asking for rally in the motorsport games.
The whole point of a video game is to be fun and a wider variety of things to do in game would make it more fun for the user, examples being different types of cars, race tracks and, event types.

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Yes please! I love the WRC Yaris, and it would be so fun to rip around.

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