Toyota Crown 2023-current

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Toyota Crown 2023-current (16th generation)


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The new 4-Variant Range

Crossover - Sport - Sedan - Estate in the image


Sport Hatchback



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2023 Toyota Crown (crossover)





The Crown Crossover is offered only in hybrid with two hybrid configurations to choose from such as the 2.5L A25A-FXS Dynamic Force petrol engine mated to two electric motors, a NiMH battery, and an e-CVT gearbox that promises 22.4km/L on the WLTC Mode scale, and a first for a Toyota hybrid, a 349PS 2.4L T24A-FTS Dual Boost Hybrid system mated to a 6-speed AT and the E-Four Advanced system that brings 80% of its power to the rear wheels, making it almost enjoyable to drive everywhere. The fuel economy is around 15.7km/L on the WLTC Mode scale.

In its 2.5L version, the Crown Crossover can be configured in three driving modes; ECO, NORMAL, and SPORT. In the turbocharged 2.4L version, three additional modes are added including a CUSTOM mode where drivers can personalize their driving experience.

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The Japanese uses different configs of USA

is this the US version or the Japanese Version?


More info about the new Crown Cars that are left to launch besides the Crossover that is already out

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