Toyota Corolla E86 Levin AE86 Coupe 1983-1987

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If we can’t get the Levin could you possibly put in a feature which will allow us to swap the front end of the car.

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Developers they suggest adding a Levin coupe
One moment, we would like coupe and hatchback 3 door for Levin and for Trueno.
if add only coupe Levin this is no have logic. PPG and T10 can create one base, 3 door and coupe body, like 3d base model and create face for Levin and Trueno.

i think AE86 this is only tandem if add car in game, add Levin and Trueno.
Why don’t add Levin in 2005 for FM1?

Forza Developers
here one uniqually moment, like to your Colleagues from Ghost games add Levin in NFS 2015
this is bodykit xD for Trueno and this is plan is very working
they made the Nissan Sil80 the same way

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Such a great, versatile car with a ginormous history and huge cult following.