Toyota Chaser (X100) 1996-2001

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Toyota Chaser (6th generation)

This topic includes both Avante and Tourer versions.

We’ve been waiting so long for this car


ANY retro japanese luxury drift sedan I’ll be happy with. It’s crazy we have like the SC300, and that’s it. And it’s not even the JDM version.


Yessss we need a Chaser! Perfect for drifting or a nice street build!


It’s in ALIVE HOON(2022 JAPANESE DRIFT MOVIE! Product from Tsuchiya Keiichi!)
Really wanna it!!!


The SC300 is not even a sedan.

Cool car though

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Me too

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The Toyota Chaser X100 would be a sweet addition to any future Donut goodness.


This is the whole reason i just made a account to request this car lol. glad to see abunch of others want it too. It would be perfect for the donut media update. I would love to see them add the mark II aswell imo i like it better but its not as sporty looking or as popular as the chaser.


Problem is there would be no mods just forza aero :joy:

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I assume this car hasnt been in any previous forza game.

Therefore its very unlikely they can add it for part 2 of donut media. It takes 6+ months for a new car to be added in the game. And not only that its not even PG who model the car. A whole different company does that.

Even if they have intentions to add this its gonna take almost a year to see it in game. Unless they’ve been working on it prior to the suggestion hub being a thing.

Since the new Motorsport game is supposedly running on the new game engine. This car voting hub seems more as a threshold to what cars we’d like to see. So that they know what cars to remodel or not for the future games. Or having to built completely new models.

Just because they added the sian dont mean they’ll get new cars in the game with that speed. They’ve probably been working on it prior to the suggestion hub. And they wouldve added it anyway regardless of vote counts.




Would be cool to see this in Forza. I can remember driving this in Gran Turismo 6, specifically the TOM’s X540


I do prefer the mph dials though, the biggest hate towards forza in general is if it’s Japanese “180kmh dials please” it’s annoying!!
Some of the newer added cars are digital dials so they can’t implement it

So in my eyes when it comes to forza, jdm isn’t always best

Because in Asia we use km/hr :joy:
If let cars use it’s original sets, For me it’s ok.


I know in Asia you use Km/h that’s not what I’m saying.
Ok explain why more than half the British cars are left hand drive and in km/h because we use MPH, or why some German cars are in MPH but in European countries they use km/h but there left hand drive like they are in there own country.

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If add mark II jzx90, 100 and cresta 100, i named thit the best update for me
I live in asia and Toyota jzx cars very popular in my town

This is my photo in my town Toyota Mark II JZX100


yeah, the only one in Asia everywhere km per hour, in Russia, China, Japan, Korea and there in the southern countries.
here only Japan and Hong Kong only differ in their left-hand traffic, in general, everything