Toyota Chaser 1996-2001 (X100)

JZX Tourer - V Mark II, CHASER and Cresta this is 1JZ-GTE cars on typical JP 280 H.P.
this is car to driving how to supra A70 and A80
one pro racer in rewiev A80 Arcady Tsaregradtsev say: “тойота супра это как турик, но купе” Toyota Supra how to Tourer - V, just coupe.
i think wee need add class for JZX Tourer - V between A70 on 1JZ-GTE and A80 on 2JZ-GTE

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ideal update for me if add CHASER, ALTEZZA, Mark II and Cresta in one update and named update like to “Japanese cult super drift sedans”

but if don’t aded MKII and Cresta, PPG must add ALTEZZA and CHASER in one update, ALTEZZA created on base JZX110, CHASER is JZX100. and ALTEZZA in top 10 voting cars too for Forza on forum, how to CHASER

I see now

How did you do it.

this is no thematicle message, but this is jzx car too

CHASER jzx90 don’t have big popular like too jzx90 MKII, JZX100 MKII and CHASER
who would like JZX90?
only we can pinged deveopers for add they cars

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if add JZX100 CHASER we have one problem
kouki and zenki



“on color and taste of friend don’t here”
but to me like zenki, like to in F&F3 Tokyo Drift

BN Sports, best popular bodykits from JZX drivers cars (in my region)



where from this is image of chaser?

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meme moment
Bimmer JZX Tourer-M5



Jzx top! My 4 jzx 90, from russia

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this is the type of builds forza needs



PGG We’re waiting :eyes:

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2.5 6-line single turbo* ( jzx90 twin turbo )

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yeah, JZX100 have single turbo
JZX90 have twin turbo
i About Tourer-V, it’s big famaly of cars, Toyota Mark II, CHASER and Cresta. Chaser and Cresta change in JZX110 on Verossa. JZX110 last mark II famaly platphorm car

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