Toyota Celica LB Turbo 1977-1978 (Gr.5 racing)

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Toyota Celica LB Turbo 1977-1978 (Gr.5 racing)

One of the very few Group 5 Cars that actually raced in both the German DRM Championship and the Japanese Super Silhouette Championship.

Unfortunately this one is often forgotten as it was basically a failure in both, the car itself had fairly respectable pace but had terrible reliability.

In its two Years of DRM Racing from 1977 to 1978 it won a Single Non-Championship Race at Zolder while having the majority of its other entries either being down the back or just a DNF. It didn’t really get any better in Japan for 1979 where it Won a Single Race the whole year and retired from all the others.

The Car itself is actually more iconic in Slot Car and RC Car form than it is as a real car.

Sadly as a result of its forgotten nature there are not that many photos of it


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1979 (in Japan)

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A Better View of the 1978 Livery on a model car

In 1981 it was sold to Trust Racing who used it for that year and in 1982 where it enjoyed a bit more success.

It is very hard to find pictures of it with the Trust Livery

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