Toyota bZ4X 2023-current (Subaru Solterra)

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Toyota bZ4X 2023-current (Subaru Solterra)

Subaru Solterra

Toyota bZ4X



2023 Toyota bZ4X

It is the production version of its namesake 2021 concept car unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show. It is available for lease only via KINTO starting at 107,800 Yen per month. With the exterior design nearly drawing inspiration from its namesake concept as well as its minimalist interior design fit for five people, the bZ4X has two configurations with the FF variant good for 559km (512km) while the 4WD variant is good for 540km (487km) in one full charge, based on WLTC mode standards. In addition, the bZ4X is packed with safety features such as Pre-Crash Safety, Blind Spot Monitor, and Toyota Teammate Advanced Park.




2023 Subaru Solterra

Starting at 5,995,000 Japanese Yen plus additional costs, the first-ever Subaru Soltera is the company’s first electric vehicle, which is a nuisance for purists who are moaning over the death of the WRX STi. Because this is the latest vehicle to spawn from the Toyota-Subaru partnership since the defunct Ractis-Trezia and the recent GR86-BRZ, the Solterra features bits and bobs identical to its lease-only bZ4x twin.

Running on the new e-TNGA platform and a 71.4kWh battery, the Solterra, like the bZ4x, is offered in two different configurations; with the front-wheel-drive variant producing 150kW of power and has a range of 567km while the four-wheel-drive variant, armed with X-MODE which is almost useful for tarmac, gravel, and snow, features two 80kW electric motors that powers both front and rear wheels and they’re good for 542km based on WLTC mode standards.


bZ4X GR Sport Concept

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