Toyota Alessandro Volta concept 2004-

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After the McLaren F1 had move the goal posts on how fast a production car can be, the golden age of the supercar began. Lamborghini got a new lease of life under VW Group management, Ferrari celebrated its founder with a crazy supercar, and new players that have since become stalwarts entered the scene: Bugatti, Koenigsegg and Pagani. Toyota wanted in on the action, too, bringing a concept with a carbon fiber chassis and scissor doors to Geneva in 2004. With just over 400 hp from a electrically assisted V6, it couldn’t have rivalled the very top of the supercar (or the early hypercar) world. It would, however, have filled the hole on top of Toyota’s line-up left by the A80 Supra, while also dealing the final blow to its arch-rival Honda’s ageing NSX. Where the legendary F1 comes back in, is the seating layout of the Alessandro Volta’s seating layout, which copies the McLaren directly. There has never been a mid-engined Toyota, but the Alessandro Volta could have been exactly that, bringing some of in-house F1 team’s performance to the streets. Sadly, the Toyota F1 project didn’t have any performance to spare, which could be why a production Alessandro Volta never saw the light of day.