Toyota 86 2012-2020 (Scion FR-S)

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Toyota 86 | Subaru BRZ | Scion FR-S | 2013-2020 (1st generation)

This model has been represented in Forza games as the

  • 2013 Subaru BRZ (FM5 through FM; FH1 through FH5)
  • 2013 Toyota 86 (FM5, FM6’ FH2 through FH5)
  • 2013 Scion FR-S (FM4, FH1)


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Which brand do you prefer?

  • Toyota 86
  • Subaru BRZ
  • Scion FR-S
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What about giving us the FT-86 Concept car, or the Scion FRS instead

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updated taillights pls :heart:

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Scion FRS is 86 but with a Scion badge basically

Nah, I’d rather stick with the original models. So the Toyota GT86. I wouldn’t have even put the Subaru in the game.

It does need good bodykits though, especially widebody kits. I really miss the Rocketbunny kit :frowning:

I like the BRZ too, also if would be possible, i would put a BRZ vs GR86 Challenge on Forza Motorsport like the 86/BRZ cup that has inJapan

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Comes in manual and automatic, multiple trims

a proper carbon duck bill, exposed rear bash bar, possibly new fenders? anything to spice up this stock looking car

This era of the BRZ should’ve been RHD, just like it’s twin, the GT86.

Japan 2017-2018 Subaru BRZ STI

The 2018 BRZ tS is also Acceptable.


2012 Toyota GT86 RC

Factory low spec version specifically for tuners who want to install bodykits, wheels, etc. so they won’t overpay for their new car. Which other manufacturer does this? I think it’s pretty cool!

More info:

This is one of my favorite cars ever!
I really hope it will appear in Forza Motorsport :exclamation:

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There’s not much longer until release
And almost all the cars are known, but I’m also really hoping for a Toyota 86 to appear.

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I want both Toyota 86 and Scion FR-S on Motorsport and FR-S in Horizon

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We just have to wait for the full list… I have more and more doubts about the Toyota 86 appearing on the list, but let’s hope they bring it back. Adding the BRZ but cutting out the GT86 is a strange decision.

FH4 started like that, they added the 86 later into the game, but it would need agreements with Toyota

I agree, but in FH5 the GT86 made an appearance on release
Also there are other Toyota’s already in FM including the AE86.
I guess we just have to wait for the final list… :slightly_smiling_face:

In the preload, they didn’t find GT86 in the game files. So it probably won’t be on release. That’s very bad news. But maybe not all the cars are in the files. :disappointed:

It’s odd that BRZ with fewer votes got into the game. There’s probably some other reason why they didn’t add Toyota