Toyota 7

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Toyota 7 1968-1969

Nice Racing Car


1970 Toyota 7 578a (7 turbo)

The toyota 1970 Toyota 7 turbo would be a test of any drivers skill, woth a weight of only 620kg and over 1000hp on old 1970s racing tyres, it would bring fear into the eyes of any that drive it. But for the lucky few that can control it, it would be an impossibly fast track car that trully shows how fast cars were in the 70s and would give mexico a run for its money.


The 1968-1969 Toyota 7 came as the 415S (1967-1968) and the 474S (1969). Pretty much this car ran in Japanese Group 7 (Can-Am).

There isn’t really much photos of the 415S/474S though.