Total file size inlcluding 4K patch?

If mine is at 95GB does that mean I have the 4K patch installed? The reason I ask is because when I sort the view in My games and Apps, by “XOneX enhanced games”, Forza 7 does not appear(other games do however). Pretty sure the 4K patch is out, and the game won’t update for me anymore, just wondering if someone can confirm. Thank you

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I would like to know this as well.

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With 4K assets installed, I’m showing 95.6GB
You can check the assets installed by selecting FM7 in My Games & Apps. Then hold both bumpers with View and Menu buttons. This will open a screen showing details about the game.

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I would like to think that the 95GB that my game shows as the install size includes the 4K assets and enhancements … but I am not sure that it does … or at least am not sure it’s registering properly on the console. The reasons I’m skeptical:

(1) The size and percentage used that shows when I check the storage details on my console has not changed since I pre-loaded FM7 before early access. And I have not witnessed any downloads either (although I do have my XBox set to update automatically and it’s very possible that a download occurred while I wasn’t in front of the machine).

(2) When looking at the installation details of the game using the method that FXDWG2003 mentions above, there’s one conspicuous line that gives me pause … it says “XBXE: False”. Obviously the “XBXE” refers to Xbox One X Enhanced. I’ve been browsing the web for a couple of weeks now monitoring for info on these 4K asset downloads and in quite a few places I have seen it mentioned that the only games that have made their 4K assets available so far are World of Tanks and Gears of War 4. I don’t own Gears 4 but I do own World of Tanks. If I pull up the same game data for World of Tanks, it shows “XBXE: True” where FM7 shows “XBXE: False”. World of Tanks also shows up when I filter all my games by “XBox One X Enhanced” on the Games and Apps screen.

One other note, my FM7 installation has shown the size as being 95GB ever since the pre-load release when I watched it only install 67GB. So, with all of that in mind, I am not confident that I have actually downloaded the 4K assets yet … and if I have, then I’m not sure that my console is registering them properly.

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Is there an option to download the 4K assets. I have a file size of 67gb and can’t workout how to download the rest which I believe I should be able to.

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Yes, there is a setting to turn on to allow your console to download 4K assets early. I’m not in front of my game right now so I don’t know exactly what it says, but it’s on the same page with the setting to allow your games to update automatically.

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Thank you, I’ll have a look for it.

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There is a menu for the 4k download and settings and a hidden overview to check per game:

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I’m not convinced that that Windows Central article is 100% accurate. See my posts above for my thoughts why I’m not sure. The screenshot in that article even shows the line “XBXE: False”.

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It’s Microsofts own hidden properties screen. Nothing to do with the WC media site.

When the ‘X’ is listed under assets … 4k and/or the other magic XB1X stuff is already downloaded.

4k update for FM7 was a 28 gb download.

After that, the gamesize on XB1 matches the size on Win10, which had the 4k assets from the beginning.

The game on XB1 was 67GB without the 4k assets. For some it showed already the 95GB, this was / is an error inside the XB Store data. Even when 95GB is shown, only 67GB were used.
After the 4k update it shows 95GB for everyone with 4K downloaded.
There are multiple posts from people here on the forums talking about a ‘super secret compression technology’ … which just does not exist! Only 67GB were downloaded and installed before the 4k update.
The 4k game on Win10 is 95GB - same for the 4k game on XB1 / XB1X.

XBXE: False

XBXE was added to EVERY game since the XB1 update for the XB1X preload. Even for old 360 games which may also reveice an update (Halo3 f.i.).

It has nothing to do with 4k or anything else. XBXE: true is only the metadata setting to let the game show up under ‘Xbox One X Enhanced’ inside the games library, you mentioned above.

When you did not select to download the 4k/XB1X content at all inside your settings, the XBXE games will still show XBXE:true inside the properties screen.

Right now for my library this means:

FM7 already downloaded the 4k assets (28GB), but the game is not listed under XBXE. The game metadata is not updated yet.

GoW4 is listed under XBXE but did not receive the 4k assets on XB1 yet.

Halo 3 (XB360) is the listed under XBXE and already has the XB1X assets downloaded.

Hope this helps…

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