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I have had 999,999,999 in total earnings for a long time, well over a year. I noticed a couple of days ago right after doing a Trial on Fortune Island that my total earnings were -999,330,776. How did I end up two billion less in earnings? I submitted a ticket, but I’ve had no response from Forza support. Has this happened to anyone else? I asked for my total earning credits to be restored, but I have a feeling I’m not going to get them back. It would be nice to get a reply to my ticket from support.

I am referring to the total earnings shown on the stats page viewed under the Horizon Life General tab, not the current CR earnings that appear on the top right corner of your screen

If you go back to the mainland it may straighten out, or may not. Fortune Island seems to create many glitches in the game.
I’ll test this while waiting for a mod to approve this comment, if they do of course, and edit with my results.

Credits max at 999999999. Your earnings roll over from 999999999 to -999999999 and count up to 999999999 again. Then it repeats.

I don’t know where you got that from, but it’s obviously wrong. I am still at 999,999,999 after a month at least.
I did jump over to Fortune Island and ran the Trial, still sitting where I was. I’m on an Xbox One S in case that matters any, shouldn’t, but cross platform does create problems for PC players that are not effecting console users.

Total earnings will sit at 999999999 for a while before rolling over. Mine just turned negative again after a couple of months and started counting up to 0. It depends on how much I sell mostly. This is my personal experience on an Xbox 1 x.

I keep my credits below the max by buying high and selling low occasionally.

There was an answer to this when it last came up but I don’t remember what it was exactly I’m afraid. IIRC it was deemed the coding was done during amateur hour and it was an unforeseen and never fixed bug.

Don’t be surprised if you end up getting banned for cheating, even though you are innocent.

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I remember that some guy had the same problem in Forza Horzion 3 a few years ago. Strange to see that it is Forza Horizon 4, too.

(Edit: Sorry, i have to edit my comment, because i may have missunderstood one detail in the OPs posting.)

Go on Auction and buy about 10 SSKL’s for 20MM each, or whatever. Buy the ones someone takes time to put decent livery or tune or both. Then delete them. Leave the stock ones to the rest. I dump a few hundred Mil that way so it’s not a glitch, and I’m at 999999999 for 7-8th time. Helps someone get money too. at least they tried.

OP said total earnings, as in the amount listed in the stats tab. I have yet to reach max credits on hand because I stopped opening wheelspins a long time ago, I think I got about 3,500 right now, plus over 300 Super wheelspins. Available credits are around 635 million or so. So I think OP needs to distinguish between the two, because they are not the same.