Torben Tuesday Crossword Puzzle

7 across could be DTM

Then 9 across’ second letter should be a Q (if it’s right)

Yeah maybe. I would appreciate DTM in this game but unlikely from the pattern playground has shown.

Doesn’t fit. 5 down is 12 letters (and numbers?). That’s 11. Nice car but doesn’t quite fit.

Well, Jeep Jeepster would fit.

If it’s a Mercedes the SL63 would fit.

Assuming it’s MakeModel I found the following options from going trought the Cars suggested on this forum:
Mercedes SL63 (or another SL) vote
Techrules REN vote
Veritas RS III (tho this one is a concept) vote
Jeep Hennessey (not the full name, but fits so far,…) vote


5: _e_expansion

Whatever the 2 underscores mean

@NightAvenger375 suggested “NewExpansion”.


Way too on the nose

And @MagnusDFI on Twitter suggested TESTTRACK for the final word.


I was just about to try and write we’re only missing one word but the stupid forum here keeps messing up and editing my text……

T . . . . R . . .

Cool, can’t wait to see this abysmally-modeled SW20 MR2 come back. At least it has been confirmed.

I hope the SW20 gets a complete rebuild come FH6 and beyond.

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Lol…yeah I know. Not the best model (in game) but one of the better designed cars, IMO.

The whole “test track” guess is interesting. Don’t have anything else. Can’t find a car that fits, and would make sense.

BEE EXPANSION!! :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


Is it solved now or are supposed to form a word with the numbered letters?

  1. R
  2. N
  3. R
  4. D
  5. N
  6. U
  7. J
  8. S
  9. F
  10. T

Code for Run Forrest Run?

Oh sweet, I’ve always wanted them to add the Rnrdnujsft to the game. Definitely a great car.


Isn’t that the goal of these puzzles? Forming a word with the numbered letters? They don’t make sense now so that’s why I asked. Why are they numbered in the first place?

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The numbers correspond to clues in a crossword puzzle.