Top Gear Tracks in online lobbys

Does anyone even like these tracks online??? On all the ALT tracks i dont even know where im going cause i cant see the track (all flat) I wrecked someone last night on total accident because of it… Just seems like everytime the lobby votes for a random track it goes to top gear

I’m a huge fan of the full version, but the short ribbons can be a nightmare, especially with the number of laps they give you. 11 laps can get boring.

I’ve had a few good races there though, usually in smaller lobbies with good chat.

B Wald

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Agree completely, they are frustrating, the amount of cars I see just doing burnouts until the race finishes shows that a lot of people can’t be bothered.

Agree completely, they are frustrating, the amount of cars I see just doing burnouts until the race finishes shows that a lot of people can’t be bothered.

I actually love the Top Gear tracks, I’ve had good races on most of the layouts, sometimes you can’t see the track but once you get a few references it’s easy to keep on it.

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What exactly do you use as references?

I get demolished on TG (the littered with plastic bins variant in career mode) and I too get lost quite often.

I also hate how the full version is a figure 8… Most likely if you are first you are gonna run into whoever is last

As I mentioned on another thread, I get lost on TG Full. I suppose I could fix that if I did it more often. But, I’m not a huge fan of either full or the variants.


One way not to get lost is learn the track. Go race them in rivals before you race online. I used to get turned around very easy there also.

Top Gear is not a race track…it’s a test track. The idea of running simulator races in a figure 8 is contradictory to the idea of Forza. If you want to run figure 8’s, go play NFS or some other arcade game. Everytime I race on that track there are several people who just want to smash into you at the crossover point and it’s extremely frustrating.

I don’t understand why the full version is in any of the hopper lists.

The smaller versions are just boring and again, contradict the idea of Forza. I want to run simulated races on REAL race tracks. Not some small portion of a test track for 11 crappy laps. Who at Turn 10 even thinks this is good idea?

Now that we are on the topic, I hate that in the lower classes (I run C & B), we rarely get full versions of the tracks. It always seems to be the short varients of Road Atlanta, Catalunya, Road America, etc…

Listen up Turn 10, we play this game to drive simulated versions of REAL cars on REAL tracks. Please listen and update the game so that the hoppers have more full version of real race tracks. End rant…

The genre of a racing game is undependant of a track being a figure 8. First, there are racing series using figure 8, dirt tracks, so how a figure 8 track “arcadey”? Second, arcade racers doesn’t have much of those track too. I’d like you to name as much arcade racing games with figure 8 tracks, and I’ll come back with others with none of them.

Don’t take it so literally. I stopped playing arcade type racing games years ago…so I couldn’t tell you.

I was saying that this type of racing is not representative of a simulator. There is a genre of racing games…then you can break that down further into simulator, arcade, etc. Sure Forza falls under the racing game genre, but it’s in a different subset. Besides, if you want to smash into cars, there are different hoppers for that e.g. tag, etc.

Does Top Gear track actually host real races…NO. It’s fine for parts of the career mode or rivals, but not for 16 car lobbies.

But if you want to be literal, name me one REAL racing series that has cars in Forza (F1, Indy, GT, etc) that has a real figure 8 track. NONE!!

the full track is awesome. i hate the fact it always gets skipped.

getting wiped out crossing the figure of 8 is still rarer than getting wiped out on the first turn of any track.

Its fun lapping almost the full field.

I like them. i like the full version. The track is very easy, there are only like 9 turns. It’s literally just an ‘8’. Finding the right lines can be a little harder because there are parts of the track that are 3 and 4 times wider than other tracks.

I agree with your rant, and I have nothing against you. :slight_smile: I just despise when people bring NFS to explain what Forza should/shouldn’t have. Last month, there was a thread on Forza Horizon 2 where some said how “unrealistic” neons, and NOS are. NFS was obviously brought as an argument.
Just for fun since we’re on the subject of figure 8 tracks : if I remember correctly, the first Grid game has a figure 8 track with proper vehicles.

I think the track is cool for rivals events - only because it’s iconic due to Top Gear show. But it’s a stupid race track. I am one of those that will pick a slower car and just mess around until the race is over and we can go back to a proper race track.

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