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I was under the impression, that in Forza 5, the cars would be narrated by Jeremy Clarkson or one of the hosts from Top Gear UK, just like they were in Forza 4. I just bought the game a few hours ago and I’ve searched around and can’t find anything about this. Do they not narrate the cars in this one like they do the last one? I get the same woman every time.

Second, can you not purchase a car without applying a design? I would like to just buy the car and have no design…

I apologize if any of this has already been answered, I tried to search through the forums first. Thank you.

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We were never told that the vehicles would be narrated in Autovista by the Top Gear team … that was an assumption many carried over from Forza 4. Secondly, you can purchase vehicles without a design. When you get to the screen after selecting a vehicle for purchase, you will notice that there is a bar at the bottom of the screen which notes that pressing ‘Y’ will allow you to select the vehicle color instead of a choosing a custom livery.

It’s far better than hearing men’s voice…

I prefer Clarkson like in F4, although I wish each car had it’s own specific voiceover info in any voice rather than many just having the same manufacturer specific ones.


Same here.

Yes it does look like they were going to add more narrative because there are a lot of things to click on and all they do is long flying shots around the car which is not very informative. I would have loved to have the Top Gear crew say something about the car. They do narrate the opening of each race series but that is about it.

I also remember reading that all three presenters would be providing Autovista commentary, splitting up the cars and each giving their own unique take this time around. I thought it was a great idea, since they all have their own preferences, and seem to each like a different type of car.