Top fm7 builders/tuners on mixer

who are the top fm7 tuners? and are any on mixer?

My advice; befriend some of the tuners on this forum. Have them talk you through the process they use, without revealing their numbers.

This way, you learn why and will be more inclined to tune from scratch, rather than just use someone else’s figures as your base.

Develop your own style. Some.of the more veteran Forza players are always a good reliable source of info.

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This is the way to go about it. The community is generally a friendly and helpful place and loads of people will be willing to help if you ask the right questions. More than happy for you to add me on xbl, I’m certainly not raceboy but I have a few tunes that capable of top 10s. But remember that something that works for me may not work for you.

And there are some Youtube videos. If you are really willing to learn how to do it, and have a lot of time on your hands, Raceboy77 has some streams up where he tunes cars. They’re about 2 - 4 hrs long but you get to watch his process. He doesn’t talk much about why he’s doing things, so you’ll have to take notes about what he does and watch the results. when he test drives. Of course you don’t need to watch the entire stream. When a car behaves a certain way he’ll make one type of adjustment. When it behaves another, he’ll make a different type of adjustment. I’ve learned a lot from watching his videos.

Or you can learn formulas and go from there. There are different approaches.

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thanks for the feedback guys, all great info, I’m already aware of youtube video’s, and raceboy streams, and this question was posted in hopes of helping out more than myself. at this point I’m not interested in what settings people come up with, but why they come to set things where they do which as braveheart points out would benefit more.