Took a little break and........

This game is actually fun again. Been gone for a couple months because the game just got boring to me. Took a break from Project Cars to play FH2 today and I’m glad I did. Downloaded the Porsche add on and man those are some good cars. Even upgraded they are absolutely glued to the road. IMO they are the best handling cars in the game. Thanks FH2. Looks like I’m back to late nights and little sleep lol.

Definitely looking forward to FM6

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Welcome back bruh!

I’ve been playing other games (Minecraft, GTA, Batman, what have you) but I always find some time for Forza-ing. There ain’t nothing like a good drive to clear the mind.

I too am stoked for FM6.

“Ain’t nothing like a good drive to clear the mind.”

Ditto! Probably no.1 reason I keep going back to Forza. Plus, the adrenaline rush ain’t nothing to complain about either. :slight_smile: