Too much icons on the map. How to filter?

Why is there too much icons on the map and the races that I complete do not dissapear but just have slightly different icon?
Every time I run the game I just do not know what races to do, and it takes a lot of time to choose.
Its like Netflix, you browse through content half an hour and then just close the browser/application.

Most of the time I just do weekly missions and thats it, but they are just the same over and over again.

Is there any way to filter the icons so it will hide all the completed races?

Right bumper is what you seek

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i’m pretty sure that if people take note of the bottom left of the screen on the map, they’d take note of the (now - especially post game)useless filter option… (which, when used, removes a.i. drivatar position indicators during races)

I wish the filter had a memory so it stayed filtered permanently until you changed it yourself.
Its an endless chore having to turn off all the unwanted icons constantly just so you can see where your going.

If completed event icons reduced to almost invisible it wouldn’t be necessary to turn them off all the time.