Too much blank space showing on the screen

New forums leave too much blank space on the screen. Left navigation bar as an example, occupies a large chunk of screen space but text only on less than 1/2 of the area and the whole bottom half is blank. Topics are leaving about 1/2" of blank space between lines.


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Yep,way too much wasted space on the left, diff forums are all listed at the top anyway,absolutely no need to have them on constant display as well.
Layout is so confusing that poor old GrandNational88 is posting random stuff in this thread :slight_smile:

Welcome to r/forza. Loyalty is everything, and everything is nothing. Your suggestions have been noted.

This website’s new layout is meant to conform mostly to mobile devices. We thank you for your time in noticing how wacky it looks compared to the old board style. We also apologize for any inconcenience this may cause for community members on any platform when viewing this board. We do not intend to cause any misalignment or “poor layout” with the new design. We are looking into implementing an auto-scale feature for seamless transistion between devices, but as simple as that is (involving a bit of CSS/JS) we cannot guarantee anything.

This is an automated response. Stay tuned to see if your suggestions get thrown out.