'Too many files of this type' tune load error

Bug Info: When loading any tunes (my own or any from other players) the game gives a ‘you have too many files of this type, please delete some first’ error. Deleting doesn’t stop this error, and new tunes I make can still be saved.
Of note, occured after car build (#73 porsche GT race car) was changed by entering it into the forza gt featured multiplayer lobby.
Refered to post here by T10Yaachts on steam, as they said it’s not a known bug.
Platform: Steam windows 10
Edition: Premium
Account: Solo
PC GPU: AMD RX 6700XT - Driver ver 23.9.2
Peripheral: Fanatec CSL DD with BMW gt v2 and Clubsport V3 pedals - Driver 451
Settings: (graphics, Assists, Accessibility, etc)
Xbox Settings: N/A
Attempted fixes: Reboot, Support ticket
Content Update: After latest update (1.1)

I’ve also had this several times

Why is this not being addressed like ever, as a tuner who buys a car and puts at leadt 3 tunes on it immediately i have no longer been able to save or download tunes!its excruciating to spend hrs a day levelimg a car up and then another few hrs deleting hard work

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