Toleman T89 by Reynard 1989

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Toleman T89 by Reynard

Following the Potential shown by their TG88 the year prior Toleman returned with something a bit more fancy.

The TG88 was handed over to Reynard Motorsport in the UK who further improved it and then helped fit it with an also upgraded Land Rover V8 that was again tuned by JE Motorworks, this time it was a 4.2L.

It survived 6 Days in the Rally but had to retire because it encountered Electronics issues and the Truck Carrying their Spare Parts had crashed early on in the race.

Following this Ted Toleman gave up on the Dakar and the car was bought by a Belgian Racing Driver named Jacky Loomans who raced it a bit in more Low-Profile events.

It’s also appeared at the Goodwood Festival of Speed but sadly there still isn’t that many images of it

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This Video has some more background info on it:

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