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Please advise me on how to purchase the tokens required to complete the reward points. I am trying to complete everything before moving on to forza 6 and this is providing quite the stumbling block. If they are no longer available, than please complete this challenge for me or remove it. I can find nothing stating that this was/is a time limited reward/challenge, and I would really like it to be completed. I tried emailing, and got a generic response telling me to look at the forums for answer and stating that you wouldn’t respond to emails. Pretty much defeats the purpose of having email support, you might want to look into that also.

Gamertag: laneburyta

Doubt you’ll get an official response, but tokens were removed with all other DLCa month or two back. DLC had expiring licenses. Not sure why tokens would be removed, too, but they were.

I too would like to see this resolved. I own every Forza game and I am a more than a little upset that I can’t buy tokens to finish F4. Tokens can’t have anything to do with licensing so can someone from T10 or MS please tell me why I am unable to purchase tokens to finish this or why you don’t wan’t all the money people are wanting to spend just to finish this. Such a huge franchise, surely someone can take a couple of minutes to answer this question for all of us who have put a lot of money into trying to complete objectives. I doubt this will be answered also but I would be ecstatic to see a big company finally prove me wrong and answer the questions for the people who purchase their product.


I cant see ther beeingva licence issue with tokens either id like to see them returned be soon that these will be only points i need to finish off FM4 thers lots off us in the same boat think off the money they would make we only need to buy 10 COME ON FORZA TEAM EVEN IF ITS ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME ID BE HAPPY JUST TO COMPLETE THE POINTS

Would like to know as well.
How bout having Forza 5 tokens new purchases counting towards the Forza 4 for rewards.
Sound like a quick and easy solution to me


This. Epic solution, smart and fair for everyone.

Also, since the auction house cheevo is not obtainable anymore, they should just give it to fm2 players. Some of us are die hard completionists, we need this :smiley:

Such an awesome game series deserves an equally awesome loyalty program, fair to new players.

+1…they should be able to have the Rewards system provide the total 10 pts for FM2 (along with the Auction Sales Achievement), and, the 300 pts for FM4 (10 Tokens purchase) for the people that have the games and are unable to get these due to their changes.


I need those 300 points also. I hope they change the game to let us buy the tokens, even if we don’t want them to buy anything. We need them for the Forza points to tier up.

Yes we all need to buy tokens, have just starting purchasing all DLC for Horizon as I guess that will be removed next?



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Agreed. There are different ways to solve this, either make every token on top of 1000 needed for FM5 count towards FM4 (another 1000 for example). You can also swap this for Ferrari Collector and Exclusive Taste achievements. They are fairly grindy, but a good way to solve the problem without re-licensing. And what’s the problem of getting xbox avatar merchandise back, while the same content for FM3 is still up - is beyond me. That merchandise can solve the DLC problem. Or, well, you can swap the remaining DLC that a person needs for “Badge and Titles” (1 for 25/50 for example).


Glad I read this thread, was looking to purchase some tokens soon … looks like I’ll be saving a few pennies :slight_smile:

I’m upset too. I’m trying to complete all rewards points in FM3 and 4, and can’t buy DLCs nor Tokens. I own all forzas since FM2.

We need a solution please.

Buy tokens and DLC in Forza Horizon 1. They are still available. I already did.

Anyone from T10 can tell us if there will be a solution to tokens in Forza 4? I don’t think that it’s too much to ask.

Heh…it is all of us high tier racers with the same issue. FIX IT FOR THE LOYAL PLEASE!

Thing is, I can undertsand the DLC where the may face problems; what I can’t understand is the tokens… why are they taken off??

I came late to Forza 4. I have played nearly all the others extensively, so you might say I have been a loyal fan of the series. I currently sit at Tier 8 in the Forza Hub (recently obtained). And I too would like access to tokens. Doesn’t make sense to me why they were removed. Ticks me off I missed them by a matter of months. Please TURN 10, fix this! Bring back tokens in Forza 4. Provide some fan service. Show us you care about your loyal gamers. And bonus for you, some people are willing to spend some ca$h money here, so what’s the dealyo?

Why the forza 3 is taking so long to add the points? I have been waiting more than 2 weeks and no updates in my points.

I doubt we have the tokens back to purchase at FM4 nor Turn 10 will change any rewards item, but they do need to listen our feedback and consider how to make Forza rewards more flexible once the content / DLC / tokens being removed.