To people who switch cars during Forzathon Live

You turn-up at Forzathon Live in an X-Class Toyota Supra, and start doing donuts to show-off in front of the other 30 people waiting, because you are so epic.

Then you realize that the first event is an off-road speed zone, and your overpowered 1600HP Paul Walker special can’t go around corners, and doesn’t actually work very well in muddy roads either.

So you spend the next 5 minutes in the pause menu trying to find another car from your garage, while everybody else in the event is forced to carry you.

Forzathon ends, and the whole team loses BECAUSE OF YOU.

Thanks for losing us the game. Please get back in your bright orange oil tanker on wheels and don’t come back.


You right, for forzathon live i only use the Hoonigan RS200, absolute beast, shame players don’t learn how to play a game sometimes.

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I have 96 000 Forzathon points, doing live events is one of my favourite things to do in the game, sometimes even with 60 plus players in lobby, only 3 or 4 show up for the event and i hate it, lool

While I was still doing it, I usually came with offroad tuned Agera RS, which could tackle most of the challenges easily, except switching to formula drift Viper for drift zones.
Lastly I started using my S2 Exorcist and switched between road and offroad setups and maybe to drift Viper. Its been a long time since I did my last one though.

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That is the same as what i do lol!!!

soem cars are universal

It’s Forzathon, no one cares. Calm down. You didn’t “lose” either, you just didn’t advance to the next round. And I can guarantee one person didn’t make the difference. Sorry you’re getting so mad over something so trivial lol


Maybe if the pause menu didn’t take such an obscene amount of time to load sometimes and/or there were more than 2-3 people in the Forzathon event (which is meant to be played by up to 70 players at a time) you wouldn’t be complaining.

If there’s 20 or more players contributing and one of them is wasting all their time switching cars, you won’t have any issues finishing - you probably won’t even notice someone in the pause menu in a full game. If Forzathon starts and you’re by yourself or there are a only a couple of other players with you, you’re probably not going to finish regardless of what people are doing.

I quit playing Forzathon Live because half the time there are less than 5 people playing which makes it very hard/impossible to complete. I don’t blame the loss on the guy switching his car I blame it on the games inability to start with a reasonable number of players.

When doing the hourly Forzathon events I want to be in the car that gives me and my team the best chance at points. If the event is a speed zone event I will choose my best speed car. If the next event is a drift event, I switch to my best drift car. Since fast travel costs me 0, I also use fast travel to get to the next event.

I thought this was the best strategy.


At first, I thought I was being called out. lol

I show up in whatever I happen to be in at the time. It can be any sort of thing from D-class on up. And usually do all sorts of ridiculous donuts, jumps, and other silly things just because. But then a minute before Go-time, I’ll sign in one of a few: RS200, Aventador, or 812 Superfast, Though a Centenario has peeked in a few times. My two favorites though are the Tipo 61 and the Gremlin X. They don’t max any one event, but they are great at transitioning from one to the other. I’ve done enough FL events that I can usually remember at least two of the stages by the starting location, so I’ll pick accordingly.

I have actually found more participants in the events than I am used to. When I first started, there would be 5 at most…many times 3 or less. I did quite a few stages as a solo performer. Can only get so far doing that. To date, there have been three times where I have actually finished all three stages with only one other player. But usually less than four is a bust. But for the past number of weeks, there have been up to 8 (or more? I’m not sure how many can join and it gets tough to count) quite often. So now, 3 or less is the exception. And I enjoy that, it’s so much less back-and-forth.

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bmw #98 drift car iz universal

it can drift and or grip and or rally jumps are average good

uze drift god tune in the tune section far end

keep traction on stability on

just drive it

A car swap is an 18-20 second penalty which isn’t bad. But it’s only this fast if you have easy access to the desired cars.
My 2 cents is I have 3 cars I use for Forzathon Live events. I have a Mosler mt900s that is pretty quick on pavement. It has some high speed handling issues I’m working on but it is still an incredibly good car for pavement.
After a bunch of testing, I settles on the Hoonigan RS200 Evolution for general dirt and off road duty. The base tune is very fast and it can even drift OK when I turn the TCS off.

For drifting on pavement, I have a 2003 Lotus Elise I’ve been tuning for a while that does well when I can actually remember the drifting basics of corner entry, proper wight shifting, and using the throttle to control the slide and act as my main steering input.

My favorites list is very small so I can get to these cars very fast. Combine fast travel and it’s not an overall speed hit.

I experiment with other cars from time to time if there are a lot of participants, but these are my main Forzathon Live workhorses and they work really well in small groups.

Really, its about planning and having things ready to go.

The game has gone on sale a few times recently so there is an influx of new players. Voice chat (which would allow for coaching) can only be done in a convoy which stops ghosting and is a bad idea for FL events (especially with new players). So we just have to hope players find their way here and get to the actual good advice and don’t get turned off by the rants.

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No, god no for open chat.
Seriously no, every single time somebody was jabbing around in a trial group, or any other co-op related activity (luckily I have all voice related things muted, but you can see mic icon flashing), that person would be dead last. So a prime example of a teacher.

FL requirements should just be dynamically adjusted by the amount of participants. So even with only three people, one being troll, should just be a minor inconvenience.


I’ve had the same thought. I alone can complete two stages in some FLs (e.g. the one that starts at Edinburgh Castle), and perhaps make a start on a third, but there are some where one event is all I can manage.

The other one that I wish the devs had addressed was dropped connections. If I get kicked after one event, I should still get 20 FPs, and after two, 40 FPs. I shouldn’t lose the lot. Ditto skill scores.

As for car swapping, I know the FLs and I know which car(s) I might use. If time’s against us, I won’t swap even if it means using my Agera RS or Mosler or for everything.

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Changing cars is something I’ve done in the past (it’s been a while since I’ve done Forzathon Live), but I try to have one or two extra cars in my favorites that serve as my default cars for different events, the correct tool for a job. I’m not going to use the same car on a street drift challenge, for example, that I would use on an off-road speed zone. However, I try to be PREPARED for these things in order to cause minimal interruptions. Just my two cents.


Now I have to worry about offending people if I want to swap cars during FL too?

Ok, will add this to the common offenders list:
Can’t cruise around the map in a Supra, 599xx evo, Hoon RS200 or any X-class AWD
Can’t use Lego cars
Can’t use a stock tune during Trials
Can’t use a Limo or the 595 in PG
Can’t use any tactics during flag rush in PG
Can’t defend during FFA
Can’t push others into an obstacle during H2H in Eliminator
Can’t leave the final circle 1 second before the countdown ends in Eliminator
Can’t share a mediocre tune or paint job

Sure I missed something…


This is kind of reproductive organ move. Don’t do that.

+1 on that

@OP - Was there seriously 30 people or was it only dramatization? If I remember correctly 5 people that are actually doing something is needed to complete it rather easily.
But yeah, it is annoying when you show up and there is only few people. You are doing your best to get points and there is that one guy just following circles and not doing anything. Stupid leech.
IMO only thing that would help with that would be GPS tracking of participants - it would punish leeches, but wouldn’t judge amount of scores delivered by participants.

My approach to FL: At this point I am doing FL only when a) i’m very bored, b) waiting for someone in convoy, c) waiting for ranked game/trial/PGG (so sometimes I dissapear in the middle of FL).
Usually don’t switch cars, but I am pushing it to the limit :slight_smile:

I think it’s hilarious even when others do it to me. It’s the Eliminator. Not really a fair play mode.

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Fair enough. So at least don’t do it to me if this race ever happens :wink:

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For once i actually agree with you 100 percent…