To Forzathon Live! Participants

Please please PLEASE don’t ruin the team’s chances by thinking that the fastest possible speed through speed traps is the best way to go. I am so tired of people driving a mile past the speed trap so they can build up the most speed on the way back through. All your fastest increase in speed happens in the first 5-10 seconds, so you’re just wasting time by giving yourself more time between you and the speed trap. It’s far better to go through, then stop and turn around as quick as you can, then speed through again, rinse and repeat. You put up FAR higher scores over the course of 3-5 minutes if you do it that way.

I just missed the full 60 points, despite 6 participants, because only 1 other driver was following the approach above. The other 4 were going WAY past the speed trap each time and losing score in the process… :frowning:


This has irked me from when I first started doing these. I still do them for no real reason of my own, I have enough points. But many times there are newer players, so why not help them out?

Well here’s the thing. I normally target about 150 mph or more on each run. And I typically can do two or three runs in the time it takes someone to make their extra-long run. So unless you are nailing 300-450 mph on your run…you are costing time. Especially when they lose control and careen off to the side.

The same applies to the speed zones with people barreling through and going off course when they could have just brought it down and driven it easily and added their points in. The difference of those few mph between a fast run and a decent run is completely negated when you lose credit for the entire run because you lost it when you went off the track.

And what is up with the cars that just sit off the side? I have seen this more than a few times. They’ll do a run, and then just park over to the side. Not changing cars like “Oh, I showed up in the wrong type of vehicle” No, more like “Ok, I’m in…now go earn me points, peasants!” Like even if you are not good at drift zones, any little bit still helps.

I have managed a few Forzathons with only one other player. And I have failed with a bunch. So yeah. technique matters.

Also, the danger signs can be done the other way and earn points on the way back. And those that can’t or take too long to get back to, go to the map and click where you want to start. It takes less time to reset like that than it does to drive all the way back around and start your next run.


Too true though there are leeches everywhere in life. And no one gets better at drifting without trying. I don’t really have any concern with anyone’s skill level if they are actually trying.

Also disappointing is how spread out players are in off peak sessions. You can go through 4 or 5 sessions with just one player in a forzathon live session. They’re going to fail. I don’t understand why they aren’t combined into the same session.

And yes, the players going a mile out to get 270 is frustrating.

Well 5-10 seconds distance is actually quite far away.

The absolute most annoying thing for me, which I think it’s by far the worst and the reason why time runs out sometimes is that people DO NOT FAST TRAVEL.
When I see 5-6 guys doing a jump and then spending 1 min to get back and jump again, I feel like strangling them through the monitor.


600m is the optimal distance for speed traps
on jumps either fast travel back or make the jump in reverse because that also counts

Just play. I still often participate although I have more then 21000 points and nothing more to spend them on. When there are 5 or more participants we rarely don’t reach the full 60. When that does happen there’s either not enough experienced players that fully understand how it works or a few players are in for a easy ride. Either that or on occasion trolling. Take your losses and on to the next one (and off course a different session).

Or learn and educate so that playing is more fun for everyone. Hence my original post here.

Like I said. I still play Forzathon Live often. In about 80% everybody’s participating and we make the cut. (Mostly very easy with time left) In some there’s probably 1 or 2 leechers. Or in some there are beginners who are still learning (or not) Fun is what you make off it yourself.
For instance I set personal targets to achieve sometimes.
Would be a nice addition to see who the best 3 contributors were with some kind of bonus as an incentive…

I play every once in awhile and it’s ok. Unless there are only 2 or 3 players, you pretty much hit the goal with plenty of time left. But it would be nice to have a bonus for the best players, or at the very least a score table for everyone.

Hope they put that in FH5.

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I took part in Forzathon Live a few times when the game was new, but it’s been over a year since I’ve bothered to look for the blimp.
The killer for me is that there isn’t any incentive to try if you don’t care about the points, the whole thing is meaningless, and if you are just there for the points it’s still practically just a waste of time.

It’s nice that the developers were trying to think of cooperative experiences for people, but I would much rather have dynamic checkpoint races.
We could have categories for Fastest Time, Drift Points, and I love Durability challenges so the “Safe Driving” challenge could be another event type.

For a simpler way to at least improve the situation now, either cut the event time in half and just make it a shorter event in total, or boost it to five or six events of two minutes each.

Can you keep the points if you use the rewind function?

One way to improve the Forzathon Live event is to make it a bit more challenging. Count the progress of all players, their speeds, distances or drift scores.
Give more FP to the ones finishing first. So 60/30 for everyone, but 65, 70, 75 for the top 3 places. Even if there are only 2 players, there efforts should be rewarded more than the normal 60 points.

Otherwise, most of us just to the events when we don’t have points and want to buy a car, otherwise the points from the playlist are enough to slowly grow until you don’t need them anymore.

I’ve just done one where it started out as a few of us, until the second part (drift zone), then it was suddenly down to 2 of us - then the second guy left. I didn’t bother even trying when he left (no way I was going to be able to hit the target on my own)

This doesn’t bother me. What does really bother me is those ppl who instead of joining in and building up the totals faster they instead choose to just sit there whilst everyone else does the tasks.

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Was bored and so I went to the start of Forzathon live event, with my best weapon … :slight_smile:
D 500 Austin Seven :slight_smile:

LOL, reaction was priceless
Everything went quiet, someone honked at me, then everybody quietly moved away from me, lol :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, I TP out 20 sec before the start. Certainly doing it again though. :slight_smile:

Have to find some epic paintjob for it.


As overdone as I feel they are, I am thinking full flamejob.

Or a steampunk type thing, would be cool. Though would be much harder to find. Might have to ask one of the better paint-guys. None come to mind. Hee hee

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Flames, I was thinking exactly the same thing :slight_smile:
House MD came to my mind … new walking cane with flames scene … “Flames?” … “Makes it look like I’m going fast” :stuck_out_tongue: