Tminus 2 days in till...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (sorry but you can guess I’m in a wooo mode)
ahh the world cup wear the main competition is between


nothing really about witch country is the top Football team, it is about how many people wear the Swoosh, the Three Bars or the big cat. (or the really cool flamboyant one green one pink shoes)lol
so you can root for team America, South Korea and Brazil but you will be rooting for well, nike. and Adidas wants to up their profits from 4.2 bil. to 4.8bil. also.

anyway I cant wait for the cup to start so I can forget about this fact and root for the actual team instead of the brand. go:

i am not really a fan of any soccer, basketball is where it is at for me. these events are good for their tourism business over there and the olympics in 2016 must be making millions of dollars. lol, did you see in the news the uruguayan player who has been biting opposing players in games?