TM TX wheelbase only announced (260$)

might be interesting for those who are still on the fence for an XBO wheel but want to use their existing TM addons or go for a clutch pedal and pressure based brake right away

That’s nice to see. Way better way to buy a wheel as the stock rim and pedals are complete junk.

Yeah TM is always a bit late to the party, guess that’s their answer on the G29.

Btw, they also just announced a 30cm diameter Ferrari F599XX Alcantara addon rim, for 180$. Seeing that they increase the diameter i hope they got rid of all these hardware issues with the TX, as the larger wheel will put more stress on the motors.

F599XX Alcantara

I read a little of Thrustmaster’s blurb about the wheel. Eh… I want something not Ferrari branded. No problems with Ferrari, I just don’t want any auto manufacturer nameplate on my sim wheel.

I like the stand alone base though. $260 is a fair price for it. Interesting.

That bugs me too. I like how the T300RS and Logitech G920 just have respective generic Playstation and Xbox logos.

That’s good news, I am getting the shifter and pro pedals tomorrow. I have a playseat already, nice to know I won’t have to buy the whole wheel base again. I had a short circuit on my stock wheel I ordered the leather one and it fixed the problem.