Titan Cross country spectacle event: Revamp needed? Not fun solo or co-op (winter)

Thinking, I should grab screenshots. But anyways, the big events, myself and a friend run and try to win co-op mode first before doing solo just cause we like to race together. Gauntlet was a great one. Technical and challenging, though we did laugh as our hot hatch rally cars were going against mostly blue fords! It took several attempts for a good win, but we got it, always improving. Same with Colossus.

Titan though? We find it a dull chore. Not because it is a hard course, but because it is pretty boring and simple route, just long with some bounces. But the trouble isn’t just that. It is that combined with the way the AI cars run and are brought into the event. First we wanted to run our favorite offroaders, A class tuned LM002. Well every single bot car was a silver G wagon, so that was disinteresting, but then the balance meant they had more power than us. In a race that is mostly flat out straight, by the time you get past that initial few corners to get into a challenge position for 3rd, the lead cars have pulled away and will match, or exceed your top speed without the hinderance of walls and bumps slowing them down.

So now we have 3/4 of the race just pacing from a distance back these lead cars, can somewhat make up for it in the last bit, but overall there really isn’t much that says challenge about this. There is no place for driving interest or skill. Mash throttle, slow down for a few turns and that is it. We have regular exhibition races that are more enjoyable and interesting unfortunately.

I am curious how other drivers have found it? How did you race it?