Honestly, we probably won’t know until the game comes out. I doubt they’ll have anything designated specifically for drag, but I can also see them removing the slicks. It can go either way.

Hopefully they will keep slicks, add drag tires and off road tires. Kinda like what forza 4 had

Maybe, just maybe, the rain is only cosmetic … i’ve seen it happen in an older race game

Nope. We know from multiple sources that the rain will affect your driving.

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Maybe they’ll cut some grooves in 'dem slicks. Ta-da! Problem solved, you now have race compound tires that can keep up with the tarmac getting a bit wet.

I don’t see the slicks getting removed. Personally, I think that rain tyres that would improve performance when the road is wet would be good.

The difference is in the real world drivers have advance notice of the weather conditions and can plan their tire choice accordingly. In horizon 2 weather will be more or less random. Maybe race slicks will be a gamble of sort where you can use them and have better grip in dry conditions but lose a lot of grip in the wet.