Tired of getting crashed by noobs

I can’t count how many times I intentionally end up rear ended by soar losers in the game. Something should be done because it really takes away from the thrill of competition when some noob can steal your 1st place position by crashing you off the road from behind in a 4X4

I agree that something should be done, but in the end this is Horizon, it’s offroading, there’s more kids & it’s something you should expect sadly.

Block them and find a different lobby.

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I am yet to find one lobby where there isn’t some kid as you describe purposely rear ending the players in front, or using you as a wall and/or brakes, particularly on the first corner, it seems people have no idea how to read a map or pull the left trigger. Unfortunately nothing can be done about this, noobs will be noobs and trolls will be trolls. All you can do is keep yourself out of trouble as much as possible. In a road trip if you start ahead or poll in the start grid, I always try and rush in to the first corner and get out before the smashing chaos happens behind me, or if you start behind in the grid you can pull off to the outside on the corner and just let them all crash in to the wall in front of you, it slows them down a lot so you can just overtake on the inside and take 1st place. These methods do work and it proves that smashing and using people as turning aids does not make you go faster. Keep out of it and you will survive. I also find that if you respect other players and don’t hit them, they will try harder not to hit you. I hope this helps, I understand this frustration.

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I usual end up joining another lobby when this happens till i find someone decent enough that wont crash into you. I really hate also when you find a lobby were people are arguing over something stupid ,i just end up saying a dumb comment that throws everyone off. Usual because of my deep voice someone thinks im “talking trash” or just trolling its really getting out of hand i think. There should be a moderator in every room in my oppnion that helps these issues.

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I gave online a go for the first time last night and got aggravated for this very reason. Granted, the racing and everything was insanely fun and I could see how it could be a good time but the constantly being intentionally wrecked got old really quick. Now online with just a bunch of buddies could be hours of fun, being that you know them and know that they won’t act a fool but it does get annoying when there’s that one person that just wants to ruin it for people. Luckily there is more than enough good to cover the bad, at least for me.

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It’s understandable to be annoyed about such stuff. Sometimes the pile ups at the beginning can be funny because it’s all usually down to inexperience with the game and most of the time the ‘pros’ get caught up in the first corner pile ups. What annoys me the most and gets me rather shouty on the mic is the deliberate rammers and shunters who appear to be either noobs or experienced players.

I need to calm down. So what I’ve started to do is to remove the headset from my head and just concentrate on playing the cleanest possible game. The shouting matches are doing my game and blood pressure no good. Of course, I’ll stick the headset back on when friends are online because we tend to just chat and not compete in the lobbies.

It’s a great game, but one has to not get caught up in the human element of the online racing. I had a stinging argument with some ‘pro’ player yesterday who constantly rammed me into walls, trees and shunted me going into corners and all because I overtook him?? Since yesterday, I’ve played with the headset off my head and my game improved massively and got a lot cleaner too.

Apologies if I’ve called any of you guys here names etc, it’s just heat of the moment stuff and some banter too.

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Yeah I hate that. Block and report them and hopefully some action will be taken. Happily not all lobbies are like that and you get some where the driving is fun. If you have an RWD car then that can make an effect at the start, the tuners lounge offers many good tunes if you want.
If someones behind me then most likely they will use me as a brake so I take a different line and more often they’ll go too far forward and crash into a wall xD

As most crashes happen on the first turn (Sisteron & D’oro cliff race especially) it would be nice to ghost players for the first 20 seconds or so; id have a much better experience for sure.

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I find its not just Online that suffers with this type o thing even solo suffers with terrible drivertars especially the ones that seem to deliberately aim at you head on, as these are based on actual peoples driving styles I think people must just drive like idiots all the time.

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Befriend likeminded racers and create a private lobby. This is the “fix” in a genre of videogames where intentional and accidental wrecking will always be an issue.

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That’s one solution, I agree.

However, the other side of the coin is the skills one can learn with regards to such bad drivers such as how you avoid and/or handle bad drivers. As mentioned previously, to avoid the first corner pile up one can either drop back or get ahead to avoid such a pile up. The other aspect is dealing with rammers whilst on the move. I find manual gearing to be a big help when dealing with rammers. When someone starts to ‘push’ me across the track towards a tree or to miss a checkpoint, I simply drop to the next gear which will red line the engine and keep the revs full throttle in the red. For some reason, this make it hard for the rammer to push you across the track. The other ‘trick’ is to hit the anchors when they start putting an effort into ramming you, 9 times out of 10 they hit an over-steer situation, leave the track and go into a tree or wall. In fact, hitting the anchors before a corner often allows the bad driver to shoot past you whilst you nip up the inside of him.

I’m still learning how to deal with rammers, but as time goes by it’s becoming easier to not take their bait and let them crash out of the race. Just about all of them cannot corner or are pro-types who value skill points rather than clean race points. Meaning they’ll slam you when attempt to get past them. Simply wait for them to ‘drift’ and then take the corner with full traction.

I find racing clean to be the key to getting good XP. Many a time it’s well worth it to just hang back and pick your moments to get past the problems. Which introduces a considerable amount of strategy to an arcade style racing game.

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Most of the worst offenders are high level racers. Its sad. They are 400+ and are awful at driving. If they had spent as much time practicing to drive as they obviously do at writing you off at every opportunity, they could even be fast. I have a 70% win rate in circuit races and 30-40% in other events. This is solely because any short race is far more difficult to win when any of the following arise:
a) Not at the front of the grid
b) No longer at the front due to a flat out rear end gang bang on corner #1
c) KO’d on a bend that most people would want to brake for, usually by a guy who pretends to be clean until 90% through, but has no shame and tree feeds you. HOW DO YOU SLEEP!
The short sprints and cross country events just don’t have enough track to recover from the aforementioned scenarios. I find myself intentionally upgrading cars for launch and accel, just to have a chance at the hole shot or to still be in contention after driving super wide around the first 2 or 3 corners. I have loads of vids recorded of 4 or 5 clowns attempting take outs in my rear view after narrow escapes.
I only played Horizon 1 and 2. I only hope Forza 6 is less of a magnet for idiots and im in. Need for Speed must be really bad this year.

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Thats interesting because i’ve found it to be the lower inexperienced people who are the crashers because they havent done much of the career and end up in a C63 or Huracan or stock cars and I can pretty much tell ill be crashed by them (which I usually am in the first corner). Luckily I win most races so its easy to lose them; You do get some high level ones too but for the most part they’re ok and only slight bumps occur.

All of you guys are awesome, thanks… My solution to this was to just stop doing online road trips lol… I mainly free roam and drift now

Don’t forget that you can simply pull over at the start of a race and let the herd go past you. Follow them close and, as they disperse, pass them one by one as they smash into walls and trees. Drift if you can, but getting a clean slate is big XP. You don’t have to come first to get good XP. Finishing the race + racing clean + slight drifting on corners will earn you the big XP. Just try and stay close-ish to the main pack to ensure at the most a 30 second gap between you and the guy up ahead.

The better you get and the more experience you get you will find it’s easy to avoid these guys. Multiple cars taking a corner at the same time is gonna create chaos that cannot always be avoided though. And that’s fine. The idiots that just try to run you off the road though are pure scum and need to be both blocked and reported. Another big problem is that most roadtrips are S1 and S2 cars that these guys just cannot control. Personally I like to play A through D class but these are few and far between. Even though I avoid S2 like the plague I probably win more S2 races than in any other class simply because I know all of the routes cold and can run them in control of my own car.