Tire shine or darken the rubber

Anyone else really bugged by how dull/light grey the tires are in this game? They look awful on a black car



Agree 100%. Kept wondering if it was just me.

They’re pretty accurate… you’re looking at light reflecting off them. https://bringatrailer.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/2017_ford_roush_powered_rtr_mustang_gt_15965528502db17602017_ford_roush_powered_rtr_mustang_gt_1594916655cd208496145550b-8746-4440-99fa-755c69f17818-GIytsd.jpg

What? That looks nothing like the game lol. They’re much darker in your picture. Black tires on a black car should not look light grey like it does in game.

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Your picture looks nothing like the game.


How can one say this when it’s a screenshot literally from the game… That’s exactly how his game looks like. :shrugs:

I was referring to the link to a bringatrailer image.

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The tyres on my cars aren’t grey. What car is that anyway? I will check the same car.

Yep they are horrible , the only ones that are an ‘‘ok’’ shade is the FH white lettering race tires… The offroad tires are disgusting they look like the rubber sun faded after sitting in the sun for 10 years.
Hope they can make them a darker shade…

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They absolutely look terrible, dull light grey instead of shiny black…

I love your idea about shining the tires. I would like to add to your idea by seeing if we could add white lettering to the vintage racing tires. Ya know, to give it even some more pizazz