Tire Height!

Forza as a video game, has very good customization.

Maybe not necessarily exterior modifications, due to the massive list of vehicles, but Forza does have in depth performance customization.
Its upgrade system is quite extensive when looking at more of the arcade-y genre but lacking more on the simulation end.

Especially when comparing Forza 7 to Gran Turismo 7, there is so many more things you are able to do in Gran Turismo than Forza.
I’m not here to discuss the system as a whole, but a single point I am begging to have changed.

Tire Height.

May not be the most thrilling addition, but it is incredibly important as long as Forza continues to add… rather creative vehicle choices to its Simulation-style racer.

You can change the width, rim size, wheel spacing (in horizon), tire compund. The final thing needed to completely customize your tire is its height!

With smaller vehicles, like the Abarth 595, their top speed is impacted incredibly by the height of the manufacturers stock tire dimensions. Its safe to say that the stock tires were never meant for that speed.
With larger vehicles, like the Ford F150 Trophy Truck, their acceleration is hindered by the super tall offroad tires they’re meant to have.
This also comes with the effect of being able to lower a vehicles centre of gravity, so they’re able to take corners more stabily and at higher speed.

It would be good to also be able to lower the vehicles suspension more if the height of the wheels were taking away potential to sit lower to the ground, but I wouldn’t be too mad if that wasn’t here.

In real life, tire height is an important way to tune the way a car handle corners and what speed the vehicle is capable of.
In real life, its also not a hard modification, nor necessarily expensive since tires get used up all the time.

Its something the next Forza Motorsport needs to have or I will be very sad.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest :3

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On one hand, I’d like to have the option, it would allow be to get some cars lower to the ground
On the other, I shudder at the thought of racing against a car that has janky tire sizes to take advantage of the PI system in some way… I’m just thinking of Midnight Club LA specials running around the track haha

EDIT: Basically, I’d like this feature if it didn’t mean racing against stuff that looks like this online