Tips to get graphic settings equivalent to the console version?

I actually thought this would have been discussed a bit but either it hasn’t or I’m not searching for the correct terms so I apologize if I’m just missing it. I have several machines, some of them old enough that it’s interesting to see if it can actually match XB1 visuals. Currently I have an old Q6600 w/ GTX 460 running through the HDMI input on my XB1 to make it easy to switch back and forth for comparisons but I thought I’d ask here to see if I can find a more accurate baseline rather than going through this trial and error process.

I think with the windows version you need to meet riquirements for dx12 and a q6600 with a gtx 460 are far from it…

Well, you could try medium on all settings with no MSAA. But if your system has not enough RAM i think you may haev a problem to keep the framerate on par.