TIP - Does your controller battery die every other day playing Forza 5?

Well, it seems the battery can only take so much of the 4 rumble motors that I find myself constantly switching my eneloops. Today, I unplugged my USB to Micro USB charge cable from the phone charger and plugged it into the conveniently placed usb socket on the side of the xbox. I took out the batteries from the controller and connected the controller to the cable. Works like magic. Any USB to Micro USB cable will work so if you need a longer 10’ or 6’ cable, you can just get them off ebay for cheap. I am not sure if this will charge the controller with eneloops inserted but this method works without any batteries in the controller. Hope that helps!

You’re right on the money with your observation. The rechargeable battery with the MS play and charge kit can’t handle a heavy weekend of Forza 5. I have my own solution to keeping a battery fresh and ready to go. I bought an additional controller and two play and charge kits along with my ordinary iPhone USB charger (I have a few lying around). I keep the iPhone charger plugged into the wall socket near my couch and use one of the wires from the play and charge kit. I place the dead battery in the spare controller and plug it in when the battery dies. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Here is another tip:

If your micro usb cable isn’t long enough to reach your XB1 (if you sit a bit away from it for example) you can plug the micro usb into a something closer to you such as a laptop and it will power the controller and still allow you to play on your Xbox.

I only play for a few hours a day if that, so my battery will last me a good while.

I decided to do a hard hit at the Career yesterday and probably put a good 6+ hours in on Forza, then played Battlefield 4 last night for about 2 or 3 hours and followed today with another 2 hours of playing Forza and am playing now. Still haven’t had to plug my controller in yet. I have the play and charge kit and it works wonders.