Timed-exclusive Prize Crates: December 7 to December 21

The timed-exclusive Prize Crates have ticked over, and like last time I spent a bunch of CR so that you don’t have to :wink:

These Prize Crates are available from December 7 to December 21, there is no special theme this time:

  • Mega Mystery Crate - Ultimate (515,000 CR): 6 items.
  • Large Mystery Crate - Ultimate (365,000 CR): 4 items.
  • Mini Mystery Crate - Ultimate (190,000 CR): 2 items.

I started with about 21,000,000 CR and bought 45 Mega Mystery Crates:

  • CR after selling all cars, Mods and duplicate Driver Gears: 13,500,000
  • Legendary Cars opened: 3
  • Legendary Badges opened: 5
  • Legendary Mod Cards opened: 7
  • Legendary Driver Gears opened: 6 (only Samurai and Red Ninja showed up)

Unless you desperately need some Legendary Mod Cards or want the Driver Gears mentioned above, there is very little of value here; you’d be best off keeping your CR for upcoming Specialty Dealer cars or the next set of timed-exclusive Prize Crates.


Thank you BIG TIME!!!

What legendary cars did you open? any locked ones by chance? seems pretty lack luster to me for 21Mill.

  • Ferrari F50
  • Ferrari 166MM
  • 2013 Audi R18

Although non-buyable cars can appear in Prize Crates, no crate in Forza Motorsport 7 contains exclusive cars as all limited cars can be acquired by alternate means.

The large and mini crates don’t offer anything either. Opened 50 each and there was not a single new driver gear.

From what I’ve noticed concerning legendary mod cards, you’re better off loading up on the master mod crate.
Don’t remember exactly but I’ve bought about 20 of them and received ~6-8 legendary cards.
(of course your mileage may vary)

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Think il wait untill i build up loads off credits before i buy anymore off these only have 15 million at the moment compared to 130 million in FH3

Don’t bother with the car crate, it’s a waste of credits.

I wish I had seen this sooner. Just bought and opened 22 of the Mega Mystery Crates and basically got no cars I didn’t already own. If that wasn’t bad enough one of the crates had 2 instances of the same Fireman Black suit which, as if to add salt to an already open wound, was repeated in the very next crate I opened.

l also noticed something I’m not sure I’ve seen before, as we probably all realise cars and mods can be sold if they are unwanted for some reason, you get a credts refund for any suit thats offered if you already own it BUT you get nothing for an already owned badge…this may have always been the case, I’m not sure.

I’m no fan of these crates and as many have said before me locking cars that are part of the in game 700 behind these things IMO is out of order and Turn 10 should be ashamed for introducing them especially when they hardly ever seem to produce a positve outcome. Todays purchases are not the only crates I’ve bought, its a guess but I’m probably well over the 100 mark of the Mega crates and I’m still waiting for the first car I don’t already own.

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