Time to introduce bad luck protection?

With added elements of RNG that can now negatively impact on a players capacity to progress in the game (ie not having credit to buy/upgrade cars) I feel its time to start adding some degree of “bad luck protection” to the wheelspins.

A brief backstory on where im coming from. My friend and i preordered physical copies of the ultimate edition, we picked up our copies on the 28th of sept and we’ve played most nights for 3-4 hours at a time since then. From wheelspins to date my friend has made over 5 million credits, I have 1.6m. My friend wants to buy a 2 million credit house but at the same time doesnt want to leave me out but I cannot buy it because i simply do not even HAVE 2 million. This is all down to the wheelspins. My friend can pull half a million from a super wheelspins yet im lucky to get a common car. A typical spin is 3x clothes or a mix of clothes horns and dances.

At one point I didnt even have enough credit to upgrade a car and had to just… wait. I can tell you thats certainly not fun and engaging gameplay and the immense discrepancy between “haves” and “have nots” makes it even worse esp if 1 “have” and 1 “have not” are trying to play together.

There needs to be some device or mechanism coded into the rng that makes the imbalance not so pronounced, there shouldnt be millions and millions of credits difference between 2 people who are doing the exact same thing. After so many “poor” wheelspins there needs to be a run of “good” spins, maybe if 5 spins with zero money then have 2 spins with money? resetting any time an actual money spin rngs into the mix? All money values to be assigned randomly as normal. Just something to give those of us struggling to play due to bad luck a hope.

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Same should be done to the real lottery. It is not fair that I play every week and everytime someone else gets my millions.

Also it would be cool if there were other ways to get money in forza… like doing races or some [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] like that. Why hasnt playground thought about that O_O


You’re wasting credits upgrading.

If you want to even out your money, throw a car in the auction max price, and he can buy it.

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Given that I regularly pull in 50,000 with every Colossus run and netted 100,000 with my first Goliath today, perhaps you should try racing as a way to get credits instead of playing the slots.


I think the best way to fix wheelspins would be to have 3 categories one with money one with cars and one with clothing/emotes/horns. That way every time you get one of each. I too am plaqued with 3 emotes or clothing spins all the time.


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