"Time played" statistics in Forza Games - what happened here?

I seem to have a problem with my statistics of the Forza games. I have played Forza 6 Apex, Forza Motorsport 7, Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Horizon 4.

I frequently keep track of my playtime in Forza Horizon 4 and i use the “xbox console companion” app to do so. The problem is, that i have lost days of playtime at the start of last week (19th/20th of April). The problem seems to be with all Forza games i have played. I don’t think any other games, by other studios/publisher, are affected but i am not 100% sure (i don’t have that many windows store games). This is why i think it could be a problem with the Forza games only.

Let’s start with Forza 6 Apex. I now have a playtime of 0 days, 0hours and 0 minutes. This isn’t possible - for example, i have 18 achievements in the game. All 14 people on my friends list also seem to have played 0 days, 0hours and 0 minutes. I don’t think this has been like this before. If i am not completely mistaken, play time in Apex did show up correcty in the past.

I also think i have lost play time in FM7 (~7-9 days) and FH3 (~14 days).

But the biggest issue is that i had 162 days of playtime in Forza Horizon 4 and it went down to 140 days.

Do you know the feeling you have, when it seems you are the only one with a problem? Now, i am not sure if i am the only one.

More than a year ago, i compared my profile to another player, and i made a screenshot. And here is the thing - this player has lost a few days of playtime, too. He gained a good amount of influence since that time, but as of now, he has less hours (well, even days) of playtime than he had all those months ago. How is that possible?
You could say, maybe it is an issue with the “xbox console companion” app, but on the xbox webpage it is the same.

I just want to know if there are other people who have lost play time in FH4. I just don’t really know why this happened and maybe i am just extremely unlucky.
I have already contacted support, but they wrote something about the forza hub and rewards. I replied and gave them a few more details, but i haven’t heard back from them yet. This is the reason, why i am even asking if anyone else has this problem.

I’m also not having any statistics being updated. I just started playing FM7 last month, just one or two quick races per day, but TrueAchievements says I’ve played for at least 14h, and I got about 150GS in the game.

Forza Hub lists FM7 with all stats at 0, except GS which is being shown as 75 (clearly not updated also).

Apologies for posting about the wrong thing

I am the one who started this topic. I am not even talking about the Forza Hub (although i am not saying these issues aren’t related). I am talking about my Xbox Profile and the playtime statistics you can look up (alongside other stats), for example via the Xbox(Live) homepage, the Xbox App or the Xbox console companion app.

Sure, i posted this here in the FH4 Forums, but are there no people here who have played Forza 6 Apex for hours or even days, and now have a “time played” of 0 days, 0 hours and 0 Minutes on their Xbox Profile? If that is the case, doesn’t it bother you that the game shows up there with 0 playtime? I just wonder if more Forza 6 Apex Servers have been taken offline?

I have contacted the xbox support, but they think servers are the problem of the developers, despite Playground/Turn10 being Microsoft studios.

And Forza 6 Apex is just 1 example. I lost 22 days of “time played” in FH4 - not in the game itself (i think), but on my Xbox Profile. All i am asking is my “time played” statistics to show up correctly.

well that bad luck
the forza app is very inaccurate just like the ingame stats are very inaccurate

have you bothered opening a ticket about it

Yes, i already have submitted a ticket, including screenshots.

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